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measuring with a micrometer

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confirmed through microscopic micrometry. Four samples of oocysts out of 15 coccidian parasites samples were found of H.
Morphological and taxonomic descriptions of the coccinellid specimens were made on the basis of published literature, visual observation of specimens including micrometry, and by morphology of male genital and other obvious differential traits of the specimens.
Motic image plus microscope Model DMB3:223 and Micrometry were used for histological study.
Wet Mount: Counting of pus cells in the uncentrifuged urine was performed by using slide micrometry method (a value of 10 cells/cu mm or more corresponds to pyuria) which signifies the presence of UTI.
The fields defined by this variable were denominated Micrometry and Macrometry.
Speckle interferometry has now replaced visual micrometry as the standard means for observing "visual" binaries.
The discuss light and matter, fundamentals of light and optics, types of microscopes, Kohlerb illumination, preparing and manipulating samples, micrometry, photomicrography, polarized (not polarizing) light microscopy, basic crystallography, and chemical microscopy.
A review of the data on the micrometry of parenchymatous elements revealed a drastic increase in the diameter of ducts (100%), luminated secretory end pieces (50%), the non-luminated secretory end pieces and the epithelial height of the acini (40%) and ducts (50%) during passage from pre-pubertal to pubertal stages.
Part 2 Basic Micrometry and Calibrating an Ocular Micrometer
slides per case, number of slides with allergic mucin, extent of allergic mucin per slide (measured by ocular micrometry using a grid pattern of 1 [mm.sup.2] and examined at x2.5 magnification for quantitation), percent of involvement per slide (assessed by quantifying [mm.sup.2] of tissue on each slide relative to the [mm.sup.2] involved by allergic mucin, averaged for each case), and a visual estimation of abundance of fungal hyphae.
Particle-size Analysis--Determination of the amounts of different particle sizes in a soil sample, usually by sedimentation, sieving, micrometry, or a combination of these methods.