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neuroglial tissue of mesodermal origin that can become phagocytic

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When microglia are activated, they make more translocator protein (TSPO), a marker of inflammation that can be seen using PET imaging.
Using MS mouse models, the researchers discovered that chronic MS leads to significantly increased levels of succinate, a small metabolite that sends signals to macrophages and microglia, tricking them into causing inflammation, but only in cerebrospinal fluid, not in the peripheral blood.
Ferguson postulated that at least some of this neuroinflammatory profile could be related to the formation of inflammasomes--multi-protein oligomeric structures formed in microglia in the brain by the influence of the NLRP3 gene.
has formed a research collaboration with Boston, Massachusetts-based academic medical center Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) to study the effects of Alzheimer's disease-associated genetic variants on the behavior of brain cells, called microglia, the company said.
Quantitative assessment of microglia within the CSF-contacting nucleus was conducted by counting the positive test results within a segment of the nucleus.
The university was selected as one of six centres for the PS250m UK Dementia Research Institute in April and the team there will now build on this discovery to investigate in detail the role of microglia in dementia, which Dr Brown said will "ultimately accelerate our progress towards finding a cure".
Microglia are increasingly implicated in neurological disorders including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, among many others.
This microglia protocol, developed by scientists at the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute, is optimized for use in high-throughput experiments, such as drug screening and toxicity testing among other large-scale research applications, and has the benefit of allowing such experiments to be carried out on multiple patient samples.
Recently, there is a rapidly growing body of evidences showing that glial cells, including spinal microglia, activated in response to peripheral nerve injury (PNI) have important pathological roles in the modification of synaptic transmission of pain signaling.
The formation and functioning of neurons is linked to the brain's immune cells, the microglia.
Methods: In order to study the neuroprotective potential of LNE, we used three different types of CNS cell lines: murine microglia (BV2), rat glioma (C6), and mouse neuroblastoma (N2a).
Experiments that shut down this process in microglia shortened the duration of the pain.
In healthy brains, the microglia are responsible for clearing waste products such as viruses, dead cells, and bacteria from the brain, and also pruning away unnecessary connections.
Too much fat in the body causes inflammation that triggers a cell called microglia.