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evolution resulting from small specific genetic changes that can lead to a new subspecies

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The microevolution of spike genes in MERS-CoV toward reduced human affinity but enhanced escape from neutralizing antibodies in a single patient might increase the probability of a spreading event by extending the virus replication period in the host.
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Microevolution and genetic affinities among six Amerindian tribes of lower Central America: comparative genetic study of serum proteins.
For example, he studied the microevolution of local populations recognizing the contribution of geneflowfrom other regions (Rivera and Rothhammer 1986; Rothhammer et al.
Macro and microevolution are fundamentally the same thing.
The multifaceted resources and microevolution of the successful human and animal pathogen methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.
rubrum DNA strain type switches observed in ongoing infections among all treatment groups could be attributed to microevolution or coinfections of DNA strains," the researchers noted.
Objective: Evolutionary biologists have long sought to understand the relationship between microevolution (processes within species), as observed in nature and the laboratory, and macroevolution (processes at and above the species), which occurs over intervals that far exceed a human lifespan.
It appears that the extensive marginal areas of Sucre municipality, such as Union, are regions with that have had a persistent, long-term tuberculosis presence resulting in the microevolution of their own family of strains, especially SIT42, that are not found in other regions, not even in the large marginal regions of western Caracas.
Microevolution between paired antral and paired antrum and corpus Helicobacter pylori isolates recovered from individual patients.
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