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an abnormally small head and underdeveloped brain

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Characteristics of neonates with congenital viral or bacterial infections, including a fetus with congenital microencephaly caused by infection with LCMV in a 29-year-old pregnant women at 23 weeks' gestation * Virus infection or VM Intracranial Calcification disease hypertension LCMV +++ + ++++ Toxoplasmosis + + ++ Rubella virus - + [+ or -] CMV - + + HSV - + + Syphilis [+ or -] + - Parvovirus B19 - - - Zika virus ([section]) ++ + + Virus infection or Microcephaly Retinopathy Hearing HSM disease impairment LCMV +++ +++ ?
A SINGLE exposure to alcohol during brain development induces microencephaly and neuronal losses in genetically susceptible mice, but not in wild type mice.
It typically presents with parieto-occipital preponderance of white matter abnormalities and microencephaly.
Ascorbic acid inhibits ROS production, NF-kappa B activation and prevents ethanol-induced growth retardation and microencephaly.
Mother-to-child transmission of LCMV during pregnancy can cause abortion, chorioretinitis, hydrocephalus, or microencephaly, and can result in life-long vision deficits or neurologic impairment (2,3).
a Hispanic female, was initially seen in the author's dialysis unit as a 36-year-old with microencephaly and end stage renal disease (ESRD).
Seizure susceptibility in immature rats with microencephaly induced by prenatal exposure to methylazoxymethanol acetate.
Spong published research showing that NAP and SAL prevented fetal growth restriction and microencephaly in a mouse model of fetal alcohol syndrome (J.