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Gold Award winner, Tatsuro Goda, developed an iridium oxide microelectrode that can perform localized pH measurements in the body.
Eighty-three cases of glottic and supraglottic carcinomas (stage T1-T2-T3) treated with transoral microelectrode surgery: how we do it.
Risk factors for hemorrhage during microelectrode-guided deep brain stimulation and the introduction of an improved microelectrode design.
In this prosdiesis, a camera captures an image of the outside world that is converted into a spatiotemporal pattern of electrical stimulation delivered through a microelectrode array implanted on the retina.
A polished disk carbon fiber microelectrode was used to have an even and uniform surface for CNT forest self-assembly.
Xi et al., "Growth of nano-wrinkles on photoresist-derived carbon microelectrode array," International Journal of Nanotechnology, vol.
Shadmani et al., "22.8 Multi-functional microelectrode array system featuring 59,760 electrodes, 2048 electrophysiology channels, impedance and neurotransmitter measurement units," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC '16), pp.
Carbon fiber based microelectrodes are commonly used for local and highly sensitive detection of neurotransmitters such as dopamine or recording of neuronal action potentials known as spikes, enabling electrochemical monitoring of neurochemical activity of brain [17-20].
The approach evaluates the spontaneous electrical activity developed by primary neuronal networks derived both from embryonic or neonatal mouse cortex grown on microelectrode array (MEA) chips.
Blackrock's electrodes include microelectrode arrays, Utah array, array inserter and surgical training.
Other potential applications are formable microelectrode arrays, synthetic skin and other compliant materials (i.e., intelligent skin, e-skin, and Micro-ID).
The rats were allowed to explore a simple labyrinth, and at a specific location within this labyrinth, individual granule cells were stimulated with weak electrical pulses (in the nanoampere range) via the microelectrode. The same electrode allowed the researchers to measure the subsequent activity of the stimulated cells.
Intra-operative microelectrode recordings are routinely performed to map extracellular neuronal activity according to brain area; the recordings also provide submillimetric resolution based on particular cell-firing patterns (2).
To make the electrode impalement technique more efficient, obtain a greater amount of experimental data, and have more precise current threshold values, the microelectrode recording the APs remains fixed somewhere in the biological preparation, and the other microelectrode is impaled into many other sites of the papillary muscle for the determination of their thresholds.
One of the recording devices is a microelectrode array.