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an economist who specializes in microeconomics

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Though a microeconomist by training and inclination, Bill had good insights about some major macroeconomic issues.
He exhibits a firm sympathy for the participants, and only occasionally imposes an unwarranted unhistorical judgment (e.g., citing Joyce's microeconomist, Mr.
Antitrust played an important role in my professional career as an applied microeconomist with interests in firm and market organization.
What do you get when you take an oil patch roughneck who has participated in the drilling of two dry holes, give him the talent and conviction that qualifies him to serve as a teacher and a lay minister in his local church and then train him as a microeconomist to the Ph.D.
"A Theory of the Firm Only a Microeconomist Could Love." Journal of Management Inquiry, 14, 2006, 213-16.
Using the records of the coal owners, Sweezy drew upon current theoretical developments in the theory of imperfect competition and applied the microeconomist's tools (in a manner to be discovered many years later by the "New Economic History") to explain the behavior of the owners and, in particular, the reasons for the emergence of excess capacity in nineteenth century industry.
Whatever the answers to these questions may turn out to be, the ventures of the CPUC provide useful background for the general microeconomist as well as for the specialist in micro theory applied to energy pricing.
At least the microeconomist's tool kit has always included the two polar extreme models of perfect competition and monopoly.
As a microeconomist, Burns employed the tools of neoclassical price theory.
The concept of competition as equilibrium resource allocator is not the only model of a modern microeconomist.
Playing microeconomist to Gordon's macroeconomist, I note that many of the producers' durables with rapid price falls are most demanded in "particular" industries.
An applied microeconomist, he studies the effects of government policies and social phenomena, focusing on the health and biopharmaceutical sectors.
As soon as the book came out, I emailed John Virgo and broached the idea of asking my good friend, the brilliant microeconomist Ira Horowitz, to write a review of the book with the understanding that it would be published in one of John's journals.
However, Knight would soon move on to become more of a moral philosopher than a microeconomist (Sally 1997).
Although the book easily could have been a technical treatise approachable only by the microeconomist, tax scholar, or legal theorist, the text of Taxation for Environmental Protection is accessible to the lay person.