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photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)

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Microdot technology involves spraying the body and parts of the vehicle or any other machine with microscopic dots, which give a unique identification.
The in vivo confocal microscopic examinations also showed microdots in the stroma in 5 and in the endothelium in 2 of the 8 amiodarone patients but in none of the Fabry disease patients.
When processing a batch of the instrument-compatible microtubes, the laboratorian first checked each tube for microdots and placed the tubes in an instrument rack.
Cops recovered 1,400 microdots of LSD that were sent to Mumbai from the US in the largest seizure of the last few years
Marquette, "Shrinking hydrogel-DNA spots generates 3D microdots arrays," Macromolecular Bioscience, vol.
The work, by Trace-in-Metal, sees thousands of microdots infused into lead sheets "marking" them with a unique identifying code.
Adding additional materials in specific patterns can be detected using the ChromaID technology adding a new dimension of data density, very similar to the way microdots can hide large amounts of information in "plain sight".
It utilizes a dual camera system with a large-view camera that locates microdots or reference points on a prepress table holding the plate to be mounted.
WWI "lemon juice spies" are followed by WWII microdots (Information the size of a sentence period) and a pneumonia-microbe solution read by an antibody reagent.
goldflakes, microdots, lightning bolts: nomenclature
How about faking it with a tattoo of microdots across the head instead?
Suspicious Smith searched her handbag and found a stash of microdots - miniature photos of top secret documents - which she had intended to burn.
C., Risca.V., and Bancroft.C, "Hiding messages in DNA Microdots", Nature (1999) : 399, pp 533-534.
Farmers who bring their vehicles to the events will receive a discount on tagging using anti-theft microdots and other devices, plus all vehicles and equipment will be registered with CESAR - the Construction & Agricultural Equipment Security and Registration Scheme.
There is a KGB model of the umbrella that injected a poison ricin pellet into the Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov in 1978; a handmade pair of shoes made for a US ambassador to Czechoslovakia in the 1960s that Czech intelligence officers bugged with a listening device in the heel; a Stasi-created molar that was hollowed out to allow microdots to be safely stored in a spy's mouth; and a well-preserved rat with a Velcroed body cavity that was used by Americans in Moscow for exchanges of information without agents' actually meeting.