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photograph reduced to the size of a dot (usually for purposes of security)

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The microdots and adhesive will become permanent fixtures/affixationwhich cannot be removed without damaging the asset, that is the vehicle itself.
biggest attractions of Microdot is the host venue itself.
Therefore, considering the chromogenic agar ability to identify directly a target bacteria and the microdot method that reduce the material used to determine cell concentration in a sample.
The Endevco model EM46BE comes in a preassembled, precalibrated kit, consisting of the model EM40BE prepolarized free-field microphone and the model EM26CB Isotron preamplifier with Microdot coaxial connector, both constructed of stainless steel for high durability.
Graphic designer and art director Brian Cannon founded Microdot 21 years ago, and the company has done design work for artists including Oasis, The Verve, Suede, Inspiral Carpets and Super Furry Animals.
Microdot technology uses small tags (dots) less than 1 mm in diameter etched with a unique identification number, which are suspended in an adhesive medium for spray or paint on attachment to the objects to be identified (Wright et al.
The agents were well trained in the standard tools of the trade: invisible inks, codes, radio transmissions, and the innovative microdot microfilm system that allowed a photographed page to be reduced to the size of a pencil dot.
The new AMP ($109), a high-end sight with a budget price tag, comes with three or four metal microdot pins that reside in a microgroove to protect the fibers from damage.
A very interesting yet low-cost technology applicable to all sizes of equipment was borrowed from the espionage toolbox--the encoded microdot. An example, the DataDot, is supplied by DataDot Technology Ltd.
Satin Aluminum (94) or Black Microdot (90D) inserts are available, as are custom laminates.
The roller uses the "MicroDot" system, which delivers tiny dots of glue for smooth, even application.
He profiles Goldberg's life and career and lays out the case that it was Goldberg who created the first desktop engine, designed the Contax 34mm camera, and developed microdot technology, among other achievements.
After sliding off the road several times, getting stuck in a ditch, and scraping the ice off my windshield a hundred times so I could see 10 feet in front of me--the defroster was on the blink--I finally made it to her place in Capitol Hill, whereupon she greeted me with a hit of microdot acid.
Two new surface textures have been developed: MicroDot and Naturelle add value and appeal.
The Schiavi flexo-print press features a microdot plate mounting with a unique driven turner bar to enable high quality 8-colour decoration on both sides of the tubed film.