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an abnormally small red blood cell (less than 5 microns in diameter)

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Morphological alterations of RBCs Anisocytosis 19 260 Poikilocytosis 11 37 Target cells 24 11 Microcytes 7 3 Spherocytes 5 2 Polychromic RBCs 3 1 Howell-jolly bodies 4 1 Immature nucleated 24 16 RBCs Rouleaux 29 17 5.
(1) As a result, abnormally small RBCs, such as microcytes and schistocytes, may be included in the upper region of the histogram and counted as platelets.
Various morphological changes such as droplet cells, eliptical cells, macrocyte and microcyte in erythrocyte of infected camel were also observed with the help of light microscope.
RBC morphology revealed marked anisocytosis and poikilocytosis with oval macrocytes, schistocytes and microcytes. Red Cell Distribution Width was 21%.
IT3000 has the ability to display these new parameters on our enquiry screen and so we can see the percentages of microcytes and macrocytes on every sample.
In the chromosomes segregation process, the observed irregularities were: precocious chromosomes migration in metaphases (Figure 1C and I), laggard chromosomes in anaphases (Figure 1D and J), micronuclei in telophases (Figure 1F, K and L), and tetrads with microcytes (Figure 2D).
In the examinations of abnormal shapes of erythrocytes, only microcytes, macrocytes, echinocytes and drepanocytes were discerned sporadically, once in several microscopic fields.
ESP: red blood cells: moderate hypochromia, moderate anisocytosis, scarce macrocytes, X microcytes, moderate poikilocytosis, XX anulocytes, white blood cells and platelets: normal in number and morphology.
Peripheral smear was consistent with anisocytosis, microcytes, target cells, tear drop cells, and dimorphic red blood cells.
On the blood smear, there were no shistocytes, spherocytes, poikilocytosis, microcytes, teardrop, or target cells.
Peripheral blood showed moderate macrocytosis with occasional microcytes, elliptocytes and occasional teardrop cells.
* Decreased MCV, MCH, MCHC = microcytes; hypochromatic anemia most often caused by iron deficiency