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a unit of radioactivity equal to the amount of a radioactive isotope that decays at the rate of 37,000,000,000 disintegrations per second


French physicist


French chemist (born in Poland) who won two Nobel prizes

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This was followed by a four-hour pulse with 1 [micro]Ci (microcurie) [sup.3]H-thymidine (tritiated thymidine).
Officials toss around words and phrases like acute radiation syndrome, core damage, decay heat, fission, fuel rods, full meltdown, fusion, inert gas, kilovolt, lixiviant, microcurie, nuclear coolants, partial meltdown, teletherapy and watthour as if the public has a clue.
Hazard Standard SI Unit * Unit * High Curie Gigabecquerel Medium Millicurie Megabecquerel Low Microcurie Kilobecquerel * Prefixes have been added to the SI units to make them approximately equivalent to the corresponding standard units.
Injured and helpless in a hospital bed, Ebb Cade was injected with 0.29 microcuries of plutonium-239, more than 4o times the amount a person might expect to be exposed to in an entire lifetime.
Natural or artificial radioactive materials with more than 0.002 microcuries per gram; 5.