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Microchip's SMC 1000 8x25G features an innovative low latency design that delivers less than four ns incremental latency over a traditional integrated DDR controller with LRDIMM.
Aligned with the industry's roadmap for the standard, Microchip will support CoaXPress v2.0, which doubles the bandwidth to 12.5 Gbps.
By eight weeks of age, puppies and kittens can already be safely microchipped and the placement of the microchip will depend on the pet's size, according to Petdentity.
Microchip's disclosure of Microsemi's aggressive shipments into the channel pushed months of inventory at distributors to four months compared with Microchip's more customary 2.5 months overshadowed otherwise solid stand-alone and combined operating results.
While most people understand that microchipping helps you find your dog if he gets lost, myths abound about how microchips work (and don't work).
To ensure high-quality Bluetooth audio we implemented Microchip's IS2064GM-0L3 SoC in our headphones,' said Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze.
Microchips for pets are a popular way to help locate lost pets and reunite them with their owners.
The doctors and veterinary care team members at Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic (BRVC) have firsthand knowledge of the importance of microchips. "As a temporary holding facility for pets found by the Darien Police Department, we love it when they and their families are reunited after having been missing", said Dr.
Microchip currently expects that the merger will close on 29 May 2018.
Under the program, the VSO will microchip up to five pets per Makati resident for free.
Caption: Secure-element device Courtesy of Microchip Technology Inc.
These free-of-charge microchips will be implanted by licensed veterinarians from the Veterinary Services Office (VSO).
"Speed and flexibility are the most important factors when selecting a debugging tool," said Rodger Richey, Microchip's director of Development Tools.
A Wisconsin company announced it would offer its employees microchip implants they could use to scan into the building and buy food at work, (http://kstp.com/news/wisconsin-company-to-implant-microchips-in-employees-three-square-market/4549459/) reported ABC affiliate-KSTP Saturday.