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the absolute unit of pressure equal to one dyne per square centimeter

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But funnily enough, I remember going to the Microbar once and, while it wasn't unique in beginning to bring in interesting beers and sell them as premium products, it was certainly something unusual, with a huge bottle selection of beers of which I'd never heard.
The MicroBar was launched in 2006 when the Arndale Market was refurbished.
Tenders are invited for High Pressure Gauge Hp 0-40 Microbar As Per Part No Sr-075-1053 Conforming To Rdso Specification No Rds0/Pe/Spec/Ac/0061-2005 Rev , Suitable For Lhb Type Ac Coaches
With their latest espresso units--the Aurelia and Microbar, Nuova Simonelli continues its leadership in the market of espresso coffee machines market.
Elsewhere, Zorbas make a mean falafel wrap, Pancho's burrito's are the stuff of cheesy legend and it's all washed down with a few pints at MicroBar.
Tenders are invited for Ba Meal Microbar Liq 01 Lit Cap
A microbar is set to open up next to a church on Marske's Redcar Road.
Tenders are invited for Suction Pressure Gauge Lp 0-10 Microbar As Per Part No Sr-075-1052 Of M/S Sidwal Or Equivalent .Confirming To Rdso Specification No Rdso/Pe/Spec/Ac/0061-2005 Rev.-1 Suitable For Temperature Control Of Lhb Type Rmpu Of Ac Coaches
At most its surface pressure is 0.1 microbar, about 1/100 that of Pluto's atmosphere and less than one-millionth that of Earth.
MARTON Shops could soon include a new microbar serving tapas if plans are approved.
The light curves obtained as the star disappeared and later emerged were fairly abrupt, and our analysis shows that Titania cannot have a nitrogen atmosphere denser than about 0.03 microbar at the surface.
A sky bar with panoramic views of Teesside is also planned for the Albert Road building, along with a basement bowling alley, microbar, gym and 300-500 apartments.
If the fading is more gradual, that would be a telltale sign that Titania has an atmosphere --even one as tenuous as 1 microbar at the satellite's surface.
That redevelopment would feature a microbar on the top floor, offering drinkers a stunning panoramic view of the area.
Elsewhere in the building, number of apartments and a microbar are also among the proposals, according to drawings submitted to the council.