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The procedure was lengthy and it took 15 to 20 minutes to micro chip each snake.
The first such component realized from PHPD, Micro Chip Filters, benefit from this miniaturization and low loss component technology, making them the lowest height component in the world with this function measuring at 1.
micro-sized player (the size of a quarter) featuring a single earbud for listening, and includes a micro chip containing a song sample by one of many top artists; HIT CLIPS Rockin' Micro Boombox is the smallest boombox around.
MULTOS multi-application smart cards allow many different functions to securely reside on the one micro chip, thus increasing the number of functions on the card while reducing their cost of administration and distribution.
Over 800 clinics (70 percent of all small animal clinics in Canada) and 400 shelters participate in Anitech's micro chip pet recovery system.
The micro-pump company IQ Micro has created a micro-pump capable of directing the flow of liquids within micro chips, a development useful in fuel cell technology.
Microwaveable chip shop-style Chippy Chips from McCain is being positioned as a grown up alternative to McCain's Micro Chips range
A prolific band, their newest is Rat's Brains and Micro chips on eMpTy Records.
Micro Chips are available in a bag, in variable portion sizes, and need microwaving for two-and-a-half minutes.