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any of various minerals consisting of hydrous silicates of aluminum or potassium etc. that crystallize in forms that allow perfect cleavage into very thin leaves

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Similarly the fate of K added as fertiliser differs between soils; for example, micaceous clay minerals with an interlayered structure, high surface area, and high lattice charge (e.g.
The petrographic studies and rock mass characterization reveal that quartz mica schist, schistose marble and micaceous marble are weak and intensely jointed rocks, falling in the category of class B, C and D i.e.
In this layout, a tape with a high content of the micaceous barrier and a less thick fiberglass (in accordance with the technical description on the tape) are used.
On Ketchum Brook south of the second bridge on Elm Flat Road only the lower sedimentary member is exposed and here is composed of thick-bedded (40-50 cm), light grey, medium-grained, micaceous, quartz-rich feldspathic sandstone, with thinner (2 cm) interbeds of finer grained, light grey quartzose sandstone and thinly laminated, light green siltstone and shale.
Morning Star is defined by narrow outcrop exposures in creek gullies that contain chalcopyrite mineralization in early dark micaceous veins and B-style quartz veins over a 400 meter wide area.
An exhibition focusing on Jicarilla Apache basketry, micaceous pottery, and beadwork.
4b), which, along with very fine quartz, shows that these are remnants of the Proterozoic, micaceous shales common in the region (Silva 1991; COMIG--Companhia Mineradora dc Minas Gerais 1994; Burak et al.
(8.) Nikravesh, B, Ramezanzadeh, B, Sarabi, AA, Kasiriha, SM, "Evaluation of the Corrosion Resistance of an EpoxyPolyamide Coating Containing Different Ratios of Micaceous Iron Oxide/A1 Pigments." Corr.
The material is conditioned with reagents, causing chemical reactions in the ore, and is then sent to flotation cells for removal of iron contaminants which are primarily micaceous (muscovite and biotite).
The Gordo formation is comprised of cross-bedded and gravelly sand with beds of carbonaceous clay and chert and quartz pebbles, and the Coker formation consists of micaceous, fine sand, micaceous clay, and thin gravel beds of chert and quartz pebbles (Szabo et al, 1988).
Leigh's products, including the bread-and-butter offerings of zinc rich primers, intermediates of micaceous iron oxide and PU-based top coats, remain popular.
Micaceous Iron Oxide: A Unique Pigment for Decorative and Protective Coatings--Michael Klinar, KMI
Metal products such as legs of stools can be coated with paint with anti-corrosion properties such as micaceous iron oxide.