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filled with vapor

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The diction in which Orestes expresses and responds to the vengeance plan thus illustrates the uncomfortable conflict between miasmal violence and the ritual context in which it occurs--a tension that Apollo imposes and exploits for his punitive strategy against prior Atreid crimes.
creates, reduces to a fragile evanescent iridescent sphere) all of space and time and massy earth, relicts the seething and anonymous miasmal mass which in all the years of time has taught itself no boon of death but only how to recreate, renew; and dies, is gone, vanished: nothing--but is that true wisdom which can comprehend that there is a might-have-been which is more true than truth, from which the dreamer, waking, says not "Did I but dream?" but rather says, indicts high heaven's very self with: 'Why did I wake since waking I shall never sleep again?" (114-15)
Earlier in the novel, he thinks that "It was part of his twenty years' heritage of breathing the same air and hearing his father talk about the man"; and through exposure to the miasmal air, he is now "a barracks filled with stubborn back looking ghosts still recovering, even forty-three years afterward, from the fever which had cured the disease" (7).
For fifty days, breathing miasmal exhaust from the Grand Central Parkway, the runner traversed a wilderness of knapsack-toting teenagers, beat cops, and ladies piloting strollers.
Harris's "Rising out of the Miasmal Mists: Marina Carr's Ireland," seems planned as a kind of a summary because it refers to others in the volume.
Philosophy and theology have wandered into miasmal swamps in our day, so the knowledge that poetry, can bring to us, he realized, becomes more urgent.
Its easy but assured lyric form, its count, saves it from the miasmal mists of content.
There are many memorable effects in Ridley Scott's Hannibal: the miasmal mist over Verger's Muskrat Farm, the grain of wood inside Lecter's grandfather clock set against the ribbed pattern of the metal pendulum, the velvety sky enriching the lustrous blues of cop-car cherries crossing a bridge in funereal procession, the final image of the film, an iris shot of Lecter's red eye.
into a spiritual dungeon, a miasmal atmosphere of hate and bitter recalcitrance....