mezzanine floor

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intermediate floor just above the ground floor

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On the intermediate mezzanine floor there will be space for passengers to sit, rest and shop, while bus operations will be carried out on the lower floor.
The application is for the basement, lower mezzanine, ground and upper mezzanine floors of what is a ten-storey building overlooking Victoria Square
" We were shocked to see the mezzanine floor, which was well- lit with several cots arranged in a neat manner.
On the mezzanine floor Pro-Dek has installed an adjustable steel shelving system with dividers so that components can be managed efficiently before being sent for repair.
Summary: A Massive fire gutted 14 floors, including the parking and mezzanine floor, of an under-construction tower located in Al Buheira Corniche on Sunday.
"The mezzanine floor is a great space for coffees and our breakfast club and we also now have more room for our crche, Sunday School and Messy Church," Mr Cox said.
The salon is on the mezzanine floor at Fitness First in Preston Park, Stockton, so she called it "Sarah@Mezzanine".
The system includes lightweight raised seats and a mezzanine floor which allows hand luggage to be stored under seats.
The project in Bahrain Bay will consist of the building of two towers of commercial offices (Building A and B) each consisting of nine levels above the ground in addition to the mezzanine floor and four floors underground that can accommodate 365 plus car parking facilities.
Four crews were sent to tackle the blaze, which involved large quantities of packaging materials stored on shelves below a mezzanine floor at the back of the large two-storey prefabricated premises.
Having installed state-of-the art baggers, check-weighers and metal detectors for packing lettuce, spinach and green salads, Langmead Farms installed a new space saving mezzanine floor to locate automatic cardboard tray erectors.
It involves 12 retail units with a total floor space of 13,377 square metres, with the mezzanine floor space occupying 50% of the ground floor area.
A mezzanine floor, constructed during the 90s when the church briefly became an auction house, has been taken down and removed, interior walls have been demolished and staircases and modern floor coverings removed.
The automated system is comprised of eight low profile conveyors fed by roof-mounted storage vessels, with each group of four conveyors feeding either of two gain-in-weight hoppers that gravity discharge through the mezzanine floor to a ribbon blender on the-plant floor.
David Beckham and Co were all eating in different parts of the five-star Lowry Hotel but got together on the mezzanine floor and formed an impromptu huddle as news of Holland's 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic was confirmed.