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religious texts from Deuteronomy inscribed on parchment and rolled up in a case that is attached to the doorframe of many Jewish households in accordance with Jewish law

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Samuel's ignorance of Judaism extends to his leaving a biblical quote to set her on her quest (along with, to be fair, a very important yet-to-be-discussed mezuzah), but Helen identifies the problem with the text: "Golem,...
My goal was to bring back a mezuzah from Jerusalem, the holiest city to Judaism.
Clearly doorposts--even stone ones--don't last, since a mezuzah
The key line of form for York's Extra Smooth Handicap comes from Newcastle last month where Game Lad, first, Mezuzah, second, Imperial Echo, third and Tagula Sunrise all meet again.
Ladbrokes: 7-1 Gentleman's Deal, Rio Riva, 10-1 Blythe Knight, Very Wise, 12-1 Crooked Throw, Tanzanite, Zero Tolerance, 14-1 Bolodenka, Capable Guest, 16-1 Collateral Damage, Granston, My Paris, 20-1 Blue Spinnaker, Impeller, Mezuzah, Rain Stops Play, St Petersburg, 25-1 bar.
"We're turning the shards into a mezuzah [a box that holds a prayer scroll]," says Nikki.
"My way of speaking / to the past is to listen" says Kallet in "Mezuzah." This "listening" is not a simple documentation, but goes beyond the sophisticated vision with which the book begins to a humble, stark honesty.
Lincolneurocruiser and Ermine Grey bolted the full length of the track and were withdrawn, but there were no problems on the second attempt with the race won by Mezuzah.
The frame of her office door contains a mezuzah, a small rectangular case found on many Jewish homes that serves as a symbolic reminder of the presence of God.
In addition, a raffle was held and each person was given an additional piece of Judaica such as a mezuzah, Sabbath candles or a tallit.
These items range from glass beads for protection against the evil eye, to the mezuzah found on door frames, to the hamsa (five fingered hand), engraved pendants, tiny boxes containing special prayers, Aaron's breastplate, the knots on the prayer shawl, the teffilin, henna hand and foot painting, amulets from the Sefer Raziel that protect newborn infants from evil forces, and so much more.
When Chicago alderman Burt Natarus read about the mezuzah dust-up in the Jewish Star, he concluded there oughta be a law.
Based on my touching the door trim on that first day they assumed I was reaching for a mezuzah. I told them I was reaching for a holy water font to bless myself, a Catholic tradition when one enters a room, much like the Jewish tradition of touching a mezuzah.
There was another easy winner when 50-1 chance San Antonio, wearing blinkers for the first time, took the Strawberry Hill Classified Stakes by five lengths from Mezuzah.
"The mezuzah on the doorway complements the vejigante Afro-Puerto Rican mask on the wall; we celebrate Pesach (Passover) with his family, and Christmas with mine; I read from a Spanish hagaddah (book that tells the Passover story) and he sings aguinaldos (traditional Puerto Rican carols) to my elderly aunts."