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Synonyms for mewl

Synonyms for mewl

cry weakly or softly

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This indicates that the weed species might be disseminated through farm equipments (tractors, disc harrow, Mewled, etc.) and natural agents (flooding, birds, etc.).
Caption: FIGURE 1: The simple tool "Mewled" used for harrowing and weeding.
pigeons mewled? Do you remember?" But Bill was building something
Nikki Finke of the New York Post mewled about the "most costly and contentious award campaigns in Hollywood history" and revealed, "Only big bucks can now buy a Golden Boy."
He mewled his way like a depressed, Mogadon-snaffling choirboy through one of the worst shoeings of Westlife's No Matter What I've ever heard since Westlife did it - during which he seemed completely unaware there was music playing at all, timing the delivery of each line instead by staring at his watch and counting on his fingers.