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clicking pendulum indicates the exact tempo of a piece of music

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He is as metronomically true to his humour throughout, and leaves the stage 'to see no pastime I'--pun presumably intended.
Deadly accurate passing from Dragons to feed Cato was crucial and the Caribbean draft pick converted metronomically. The Welsh team led 17-15 after the first quarter, although the home team battled back from 15-10 down with five minutes to the interval.
He won Group 1 races from 7f to 1m2f, showed his form on fast ground and soft and was consistently, metronomically, brilliant.
The litany of loss, ticking metronomically through each memory, becomes a march toward the inevitable destination to which not even the happiest flashback can alter the course.
"Ladies like a man who can lead them to the dance floor," says Haddad, owner of a rather outlandish ponytail that sways metronomically when he tilts his head in conversation.
For the opening three rounds in the desert heat of the Middle East, the 36-year-old American was almost metronomically accurate with his irons and stunningly precise off the tee.
In such beautiful songs as 'Apres un reve' and 'Automne,' Faure is to be sung almost metronomically unless he specifically calls for rubato.
The team - as individuals and as a unit - are either heroes or zeroes, opinion swinging metronomically from casting them as relegation bound wasters deserving of public vilification by the mob or Godlike icons to be wafted with ostrich feathers on their passage through adoring masses.
Coleridge begins the next segment of the poem by repeating an already met image of the sun metronomically rising and falling, while "the good south wind still blew behind" (85, my emphasis).
(50.) While the metronome markings do not necessarily reflect these styles (e.g., the lively third song at [crotchet] = 96 is metronomically much slower than the lyrical sixth song at [crotchet] = 126), the songs' meters do align with their alternating styles.
Regularity hits your timing, holding metronomically.
We've found a way that we could record backing tracks that had enough of the cohesion and spirit of a live track but underneath, behind it all, not driving the event, but there we could manage to get tracks that were coming out metronomically correct with a click track, too, so we could avail ourselves of all the modern editing technologies that are available.
I've walked on 15 of the world's active volcanoes, most recently on Stromboli, which is known as 'the lighthouse of the Mediterranean' because it sometimes explodes metronomically, every ten minutes or so.
92), he shows how it is asymmetrical in its "alternation of six-foot with four-foot lines," yet at the same time "precociously laboring, mechanically driven, metronomically merciless" in its "headlong" rhythm (pp.
I have noticed in the course of this work, that The New York Times, almost metronomically, runs an op-ed every election year in which somebody tells the Catholic Archbishop of New York to shut up and stay out of politics.