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Synonyms for metrology

the act or process of ascertaining dimensions, quantity, or capacity

Words related to metrology

the scientific study of measurement

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The market profile is all about the manufacturing technology and applications that describe the growth of the 3D Metrology Systems market.
The theme of the World Metrology Day 2019 is 'The International System of Units Fundamentally Better'.
Another team led by Damodar IPS, Inspector General of Police (IGP), Legal Metrology conducted raids at showrooms of Kalyan Jewellers and Jos Alukkas in Kurnool and Nellore.
The MicroProf enables a wide range of measurement tasks to be performed quickly, efficiently and intuitively and is an established standard measuring instrument in modern 3D surface metrology in the semiconductor, medical and automotive industries.
Covalent Metrology is a new venture dedicated to improving advanced materials R and D by improving the business model in metrology services.
The parties will exchange information on the national standardization system, rules and procedures for developing standards, preparing proposals for harmonizing regulatory documents in the field of legal metrology, implementing bilateral comparisons and calibrations of national standards.
Material from Mitutoyo's calibration course is used in the first online videos, which together create a standards-based course entitled "General Calibration Concepts, Micrometers and Calipers." The training material combines concepts from the available American National Standards in dimensional metrology with best calibration practices at Mitutoyo America.
Now there are hopes for a China-UK collaborative smart metrology centre being created in China.
Specific expansion modules are available dedicated to GEOPAK or for specific applications such as GEAR measurement, airfoil analysis, reverse engineering and integrating CAD with metrology.
The first award, valued at 15 thousand dinars, was granted to the DEFNAT Laboratory while the 2nd award (10 thousand dinars) was given to CK Metrology Laboratory and the 3rd prize (5 thousand dinars) went to Tunisian-French laboratory "MAaAaAeA@diterranAaAaAeA@enne d'expertises et de mesu (MEM).
We can help you no matter where you are, yet our local metrology service locations make it very convenient.
has unveiled a new, high-speed 3D metrology on its flagship NSX Series, a highly-flexible inspection and measurement platform for process development and control of die-level interconnects.
DOHA, Dec 14 (KUNA) -- Qatar's Minister of Environment Engineer Ahmad Bin Amer Al-Hemaidi on Monday said that metrology is one of the bases of quality infrastructure for an advanced country.
Marten Milton speaking at the Gulf Metrology Forum yesterday.