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the act or process of ascertaining dimensions, quantity, or capacity

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the scientific study of measurement

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In this paper we propose an approach for determining a combined result which is metrologically compatible with the contributing results whether or not the results as available were compatible.
In accordance with the requirements of the International Standard IEC 61000-4-30, electromagnetic voltage transformers used in substations can be used to measure such high-voltage power quality indices as voltage asymmetry and voltage interruption (tripping), provided they are metrologically certified on site using mobile calibration laboratories.
The results of the test showed that the differences of heart rate parameter values measured by the developed monitoring system and compared to the ones measured by the metrologically certified monitor MEC-1000 are not statistically significant (p-value is 0.358).
One step toward achieving this goal is using assays that are metrologically traceable to a higher-order reference measurement system or harmonized by use of internationally recognized procedures (1, 2).
Two or more results of measurement are metrologically comparable only if they are traceable to the same reference [3, definition 2.46].
Maximum error of intelligent mechatronic equipment presented was metrologically determined in the following value matrix:
The results showed up that differences between the heart rate values measured with the proposed monitoring system and the metrologically verified monitor MEC-1000, are statistically insignificant (p-value 0.358).
It is important to note that the noncommutability of SRM 2921 is metrologically acceptable, and traceability to it is appropriate if one considers the intended use of SRM 2921, which is primarily for calibrating a secondary reference measurement procedure, not for directly assigning values to the working calibrators for the field assays.
A collaboration of scientists from NIST and the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) has shown that two sets of nearly-identical nanolines created by laser-focused atomic deposition can interfere with each other to form a metrologically significant moire pattern.
Likewise, the proportion of free PSA (%fPSA) is theoretically inferior to PSA-ACT, but measurement of %fPSA is metrologically more favorable and has therefore become the preferred method (3).
In addition, NIST is metrologically supporting that facility's own provision of NIST-traceable calibrations in gear form and other dimensional quantities.
A recent report on the progress made by the working group concluded that "a common insulin reference preparation did not change the among-assay CV and failed to improve harmonization of results among assays" and that the "investigation of a reference measurement procedure for insulin should be a priority to provide a metrologically appropriate basis to evaluate the accuracy of routine methods" (2).