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Synonyms for metro


Synonyms for metro

an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

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Quantify the value of current and future rail and metro investment in each country
The Hutchinson Metro Center has become a landmark in this area and has set a new standard for excellence in commercial office development.
In 1993, Metro Waste started an operation in Ottawa with the encouragement and assistance of Peter McMahon, currently the president of the company's Ottawa division.
But people not requiring ``paramedic intervention'' does not mean they don't have to go the emergency room, Metro said.
5 percent, and much slower than the metro rate of 20.
The Varena trial clearly showcases the viability of the UHF RFID solution jointly developed at the Metro Innovation centre and demonstrates Checkpoint's strong commitment to its positioning as a major hardware integrator for the worldwide retail RFID sector.
We are very pleased at the tremendous response we've received to the Hutchinson Metro Center.
The expansion of the Metro Rapid system is part of the MTA's long-range plan that also calls for improvements to freeway interchanges, a high-speed busway and more car-pool lanes.
Additionally, the website illustrates how Hibernia Metro works closely with its parent company, Hibernia Atlantic, to address network deployments that require a presence in the U.
Metro Vision owns and operates The Commuter Channel, the only wired- cable video network for the commuter rail market, and The Flight Channel for the airport market.
Protection of products right from manufacture is now essential to minimize shrinkage, and improve processes," said Gerhard Friedrichs, Corporate Head of Security of METRO Cash & Carry.
joint plan of reorganization for Metro and its wholly-owned
Metro partnered with Flexcar two years ago to make many of its vehicles available for hourly use at significant savings for qualified individuals -- typically people who receive public assistance or who are enrolled in employment training or other related programs.
Metro International Chooses to Upgrade to QuarkXPress 7 across Its Global Network