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Synonyms for metro


Synonyms for metro

an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city)

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Located off the Hutchinson River Parkway in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx, the Towers at Hutchinson Metro Center is accessible to major highways including the Hutchinson River Parkway, 1-95, Bronx River Parkway, New York State Thruway and the Cross Bronx Expressway.
McMahon notes that Metro Waste's Ottawa office processes from 10,000 to 12,500 tons of material per month.
Examples of 911 calls that are nonemergencies include people who complain of sore throats, colds and the flu, Metro said.
Over the 1980s, education levels increased substantially in both metro and nonmetro areas; however the metro-nonmetro gap continued.
Business tenants are attracted to the Hutchinson Metro Center because of the distinctive features that are offered only at this property in the Bronx.
It's hard to produce something that the public perceives as new and improved as far as public transportation is concerned,'' said Rex Gephart, Metro Rapid project manager.
Given Valley's additional reporting, it's not surprising that the Valley section is consistently larger than Metro.
Checkpoint is also able to provide METRO Cash & Carry with tags through its Global CheckNet Service Bureau, which can print virtually any label or ticket upon demand from any of the five continents.
Flexcar helps people land a job, then Metro helps them get to the job.
As Metro has standardized on Macs for publishing, and the fact that QuarkXPress is the first major design and publishing tool with Universal support meant that it was an easy decision for us," Mendoza said.
First global distribution agreement for the recently released Synamedia Metro software
Under the new partnership, ADI Engineering is announcing immediate availability of its new "Pronghorn Metro" converged quad-band metro wireless product running RoamAD's newly released WNP Version 1.
WASHINGTON -- Appreciation in existing single-family home prices cooled to single digit rates in most metropolitan areas during the second quarter, while metro area condo prices were essentially flat in comparison with a year ago, according to the latest survey by National Association of Realtors(R).
Metro Wi-Fi networks that do not compensate for widely variable, often low power, clients cannot provide predictable connections, compromising customer satisfaction.