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inflammation of the lining of the uterus (of the endometrium)

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QIAGEN's existing portfolio outside the US already includes a PCR-based test for Taylorella equigenitalis which is the cause of Contagious equine metritis.
The product range includes vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases, antibiotics, mastitis and metritis injectors, endocrine products for fertility management, vitamined and mineral premixes.
Almost near parturition NEFA increases in blood and moves to liver, and can cause ketosis, abomasums displacement, metritis and fatty liver after parturition [4,5,8].
Infection is most common in ruminants and considered to cause little disease, but late abortions, metritis, mastitis and the birth of weak offspring with low vitality are seen.
Five of these cows developed metritis and peritonitis and had to be slaughtered, whereas the temperature of the remaining seven cows returned to normal.
The occurrence of metritis was adjudged based on enlarged uterus with foul smelling, watery or purulent reddish brown exudates along with rise of body temperature at three to eight days postpartum (Chapwanya, 2008).
Unlike the UK, France and the USA, Ireland remained exempt from the Indian ban, which was implemented in 1995 in response to fears over the spread of contagious equine metritis (CEM).
On the other hand, enhanced blood LPS concentration may be indicative of health problems such as mastitis or metritis (Pejsak and Tarasiuk, 1989).
Pre parturition increase of unesterified fatty acids can cause some disease such as Ketosis, abomasums displacement, metritis, and postpartum fatty liver [8,10].
Currently horses from Britain cannot be sold to India due to concerns over Contagious Equine Metritis, a venereal disease that was discovered in a nonthoroughbred in October.
However, Bob McCreery, who was TBA chairman when AI was briefly licensed in Kentucky during the late 1970s by the local governor following an outbreak of contagious equine metritis, is a firm advocate of AI.
Hypocalcemia is a predisposing factor for dystocia, prolapsed uterus, retained placenta, and early metritis (Grohn et al.
But breeding stock has been prohibited from entering India because Britain could not provide an undertaking that the country had been free of contagious equine metritis (CEM), a sexually transmitted infection which leads to inflammation of the lining of the mare's uterus, for three years.