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inflammation of the lining of the uterus (of the endometrium)

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Various biological and environmental factors, such as herd, cow parity, BCS at 1 month postpartum and first AI, resumption of cyclicity within 1 month of calving (determined by the existence of a CL using ultrasonography), year, AI season, insemination at detected estrus (IDE) or timed AI, peri- and postpartum disorders (dystocia, retained placenta, septicemic metritis, clinical endometritis, ketosis, milk fever, and abomasal displacement), and calving to first AI interval, were evaluated.
Clinical bacteriological and histopathological study of toxic puerperal metritis in Iraqi buffalo.
(2013) also reported the anestrus (20.7%) and metritis (8.6%) as reproductive problems in crossbred cattle.
Selenium deficiency negatively impacts the bovine agronomy, and is associated with many clinical and subclinical conditions like muscle necrosis, shoulder lameness, compromised calf health, reproductive abnormalities, reduced fertility, placental retention, metritis, mastitis, reduced performance, and pneumonia (Spears et al., 1986; Erskine et al., 1989; Gunning and Walters, 1994; Spears and Weiss, 2008; Ceballos-Marquez et al., 2010; Hefnawy and Tortora-Perez, 2012; Sordillo, 2013).
WBVE as described as an adjuvant therapy in a case of metritis in a dog (Table 2).24 A two-years-old female American Pitt Bull terrier was diagnosed with metritis.
Reproductive disorders Number of sera Number of positive tested reactors Abortion 57 16 Retention of placenta 35 2 Infertility 30 4 Metritis, repeat breeding, 238 2 dystocia, and so forth Reproductive disorders Prevalence (%) Abortion 28.07 Retention of placenta 5.71 Infertility 13.33 Metritis, repeat breeding, 0.84 dystocia, and so forth Table 5: Seroprevalence of brucellosis in cattle on the basis of pregnancy status.
Other conditions, such as deep digital sepsis (SIMPSON et al., 2012), mastitis, or metritis (BRAUN, 2008; WOOLUMS, 2015) can also result in CVCT.
Vesicle on mammary gland, vulva can lead to mastitis and metritis respectively (OIE, 2012; Jubb et al., 2007).Vesicular lesions can extend up to rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum.
aureus was manifested mainly by reduction of MPO activity and intracellular ROS production; this further confirms the negative effects of mix of [AFB.sub.1] and [AFM.sub.1] on the innate immunity; that is why [AFB.sub.1]-exposed dairy cows are more susceptible to environmental infections, specially mastitis and metritis (unpublished data).
A retained placenta was observed in every third animal; by spring this process was aggravated by the development of metritis that required long-term treatment.