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Synonyms for metric

a function of a topological space that gives, for any two points in the space, a value equal to the distance between them

a decimal unit of measurement of the metric system (based on meters and kilograms and seconds)

based on the meter as a standard of measurement


the rhythmic arrangement of syllables

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This metric forces innovators to look for innovative opportunities, remembering that most great growth businesses will start a step or two away from the core.
In last financial year about 223,054 metric tons of tea imported to fulfill the domestic requirements as compared the import of 181,853 metric tons of same period of last year.
In Bahawalpur Division, the wheat would be cultivated over 2,226,000 acres of land to achieve target of 2,813,000 metric tons
* guiding administrators in selecting appropriate metrics that align with the institutional values for assessment projects
But CX metrics aren't a magical elixir; they need a strong platform around them.
Just as pharma organizations have endeavored to apply quality metrics to assess, ensure, and continuously improve the quality of their drug manufacturing for the greater good, the U.S.
This metric might tell you something about how many conversations you had with decision-makers or decision-influencers.
Some 4.9 million metric tons of goods were imported during this period, while some 3.3 million metric tons fell on the transit cargo.
Production during the quarter went up by 3,438 metric tonnes to 233,496 metric tonnes from 230,058 metric tonnes in the same quarter last year.
Tas: Existence and uniqueness of a common fixed point on partial metric spaces, Appl.
However, if metric values can be treated as samples of prior distributions on performance measures, we can mitigate some of these limits.
San Francisco, CA, December 02, 2012 --( Criminal defense, corporate governance, government benefits, and transactional law firm, Red Metric, APC (, has retained San Francisco based design and marketing firm, Affarei (, to assist with custom website design, content development, search engine optimization (SEO), and graphic design services for the firm's logo, stationary, and promotional materials.
The company raised the domestic wholesale prices of 300-series cold- and hot-rolled stainless steel by between NT$5,000 and NT$6,000 per metric ton, as well as export prices by 5% or between US$250 and US$280 per metric ton, making the adjustments the highest monthly increases since the second half of last year.