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using the name of one thing for that of another with which it is closely associated


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This is followed by a discussion on the representation of metonymical associations in the meaning of compounds (section 3).
Yet, taking at face value the comical undertones he uses whenever confronting political issues would be a mistake: this rhetorical strategy is just another example of that same metonymical shift we hinted at above.
Besides, he watches his body in front of the Other that has become a metonymical incarnation of the object-cause of desire, which permits to stress the structural liaison with alterity in the dialectic of desire.
On the interpretative level, apart from some debatable classifications (adult films or sex worker seem to me rather metonymical), the categorical division of sources into euphemistic or dysphemistic becomes ocasionally problematic for the author, who recurs to quasi-dysphemism and quasi-euphemism, when particular cases do not fit the initial classification of the source domain.
Among specific topics are film narrative and embodied cognition: the impact of image schemas on narrative form, the floating world: film narrative and viewer diakrisis, art in noise: an embodied simulation account of cinematic sound design, films and embodied metaphors of emotion, embodied cinematic subjectivity: metaphorical and metonymical modes of character perception in film, and cognitive semiotics revisited: reframing the frame.
The important thing is that the photograph's metonymical bond with the camera has not changed in the course of the recent digitisation of the photographic process.
(Selected Letters 83) Theoretically much disputed concept of "intentionality" has found its practical and indisputably obvious affirmation in his only short-story collection, titled in an equally obvious metonymical manner: Dubliners (1914).
At times the connection seems causal (a physiologized sympathy prompting political fear), at others metaphorical, and at others metonymical. The metaphorical relation appears most often in Fairclough's account, though occasionally the vehicle spreads like a contagion to the tenor, and we cannot be quite sure when we are in the realm of the figural and when the material.
This kind of rhetorical invention is hybrid energy at play, the mythic transgressions of Coyote, an interaction of irony and metaphor that disrupts the reductive, materialized, metonymical rule of rigidified conceptual boundaries in the fearful and fearsome discourse of undemocratic exclusion.
Martin identifies Digby's work as metalepsis, "a rather complicated literary trope that the CED defines as 'the rhetorical figure consisting in the metonymical substitution of one word for another which is itself a metonym; (more generally) any metaphorical usage resulting from a series of succession of figurative substitutions'" (90).
She considers metonymical intersections between gender and nation in adaptation, which often focus on issues of sexual violence and aggression towards a feminized Quebecois political body.