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an alien who paid a fee to reside in an ancient Greek city

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If a piper were freed, became a metic, and married another metic, did that render her respectable?
Metics and the Athenian Phialai-inscriptions; a study in Athenian epigraphy and law.
She reads these "queer" women writers as metics (1)--outsiders within their culture, in their case due to a "gendered sense of un-belonging" (7), who are uniquely positioned to establish connections across borders during times of bloodshed and imperial disintegration.
Bryan Estimated number Positive mood induc- & Bryan (/50) of accurately tion: thinking of (1991) completed arith- happiest day of metic items in their lives 5 minutes Butler 16-item SE ques- SCL: Std-generated (1995) tionnaire; also strategies guided by 1 item asking stds instructor to rate their ability on task Butler One item rating SCL: Std-generated (1998b) task ability; mea- strategies guided by sure judging task instructor competence, task preference, and general SE; 8-item "across-tasks" SE Graham 10 items measuring Self-instructional strat- & Harris stds' confidence to egy training; added self- (1989a) write stories reg.
The authors also thank Christabelle Walker, whose excellent social work skills helped to make participation in this study as pleasant as possible for all involved--children and their families, foster parents, caseworkers, and researchers; they thank Marya Sosulski for her metic ulous transcription of the videotapes and Jill Doner Kagle, Susan Wells, John O'Donnell, and John Poertner for their helpful suggestions.
In fact, only the plots in Figures 7c and 7d are on the same metic. The raw score metrics do not have the same meaning either as one another or as the IRT-based metric.
In popular culture, masters were often depicted as an alternate heroic ideal to that of the ineffectual or corrupt scholar-gentleman as they wielded their brushes with "cunning" or metic intelligence to empower those who were socially or economically disadvantaged.
Few, even among Dutch painters, led such an unadventurous life, yet in his dedication to his art, and the sacrifice of his wellbeing to his unremitted metic ulous toil, he fell little short of the heroic.
Manitoba Eco-Network, along with the Organic Producers Association of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg Students' Association, Metic Horticulture and Heritage Society, and the Winnipeg Vegetarian Association, are holding a conference on organic agriculture February 26 and 27 at University of Winnipeg.
For the orthodox followers of notation, 1963 represents the desertion of a true intellectual attitude for the uncertainty of the unnotated; for some more tolerant minds, 1970 constitutes a feasible, reasonable threshold, inasmuch as the ways of writing and thinking plainly take up with the aesthetic of the earlier years again (Mantra-1970--remaining then the charter of the breakthrough achieved by Stockhausen); finally, the music written since 1977 can sometimes appear as so many "character pieces" in which the naive movements of the performer-dancers appear to be covering up a weakness of musical creativity, or even merely expressing nothing but a her metic ritual.
As Socrates begins to identify the negative aspects of democracy deriving from the absence of eide, he offers as examples how in a democracy the teacher fears and fawns on the students (563a); how the young show no deference to the old; how there is no difference between the ruler and the ruled, whether in public or in private (562d); how the father habituates himself to his son; how the city dweller fears the metic, the foreigner without rights living in this city (562e); how the old and the young converge and compete (563a); and how there is no distinction between strangers and citizens (563a) - calling into question the very structure of a polis that cannot identify its own citizens.
while systematically undermining the foundations of particularism that had sustained the classical acceptance of the hierarchy of "townsmen, metic and foreigner' nevertheless made the community of members, and its boundaries, the locus of justice" ("Foreigners: Insiders, Outsiders and the Ethics of Membership," The Review of Politics 59/2 [Spring 1997] 259-92, at 266.)
In Athens you cannot even strike a metic or slave, or make him give way to you in the street--as you could in any decently ordered oligarchic state.
(53) Many funerary monuments figuring women, including some early ones, are to metics, who would not have had the same political interests; however, the pressures on the metic community to conform to local practice, and indeed the expectations of sculptural workshops, will have ensured that metic monuments were shaped in the image of citizen monuments.