methyl salicylate

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a liquid ester with a strong odor of wintergreen

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Consequently, it has been recommend from results of this research, using and packaging air stores and outlets for the sale of vegetables and fruit by any commercial compound containing a mixture of menthol crystals & Eucalyptus oil & camphor & methyl salicylate oil as a tool that can alleviate and eliminate fungi that may cause rotten of vegetables and fruit in outlets selling those products.
Effect sizes (A values) varied substantially; they were relatively high for eucalyptol/benzyl acetate and eucalyptol/eugenol comparisons, and low for all comparisons involving methyl salicylate.
Namely, consumers may choose a product that lists wintergreen oil as an ingredient instead of one that lists methyl salicylate because the product with wintergreen oil seems more "natural," in spite of the fact that wintergreen oil and methyl salicylate are synonymous in PubChem.
Product examples are BenGay (camphor, menthol, methyl salicylate), Icy Hot (menthol, methyl salicylate), and Mineral Ice (menthol).
Animals were randomly assigned into two groups (even numbers GDD and odd numbers GSM): group subjected to the application of aerosol containing diclofenac diethylammonium (GDD: 9 animals for the cutaneous tissue, and 9 animals for the subcutaneous), and group subjected to the aerosol with methyl salicylate (GSM: 9 animals for the cutaneous tissue, and 9 animals for the subcutaneous).
The maximum up regulation of OsPAL after methyl jasmonate and methyl salicylate application was 10 and 12 times higher at 12 h, respectively as compared to control plants.
Results: The majority of studies have shown mouth rinses containing chlorhexidine gluconate or essential oils and methyl salicylate provide clinically significant anti-gingivitis and antiplaque benefits.
Most of the second- and third-degree burns were associated with products that contain menthol as the single active ingredient and with products that contain a combination of menthol (concentration greater than 3%) and methyl salicylate (concentration greater than 10%).
Kilham said that the twig tasted like spearmint and reminded him of the compound methyl salicylate, which is used in muscles to relieve pain.
He compared nitrobenzene, which has an almond smell, and methyl salicylate, which smells like wintergreen.
The methyl ester, methyl salicylate (also called oil of wintergreen since it produces the fragrance of wintergreen), is formed with methanol; it is used in food flavorings and in liniments.
For more severe cases, capsaicin is a good choice; otherwise, a methyl salicylate product is very effective, at a concentration of 30% or more.
It does not contain methyl salicylate or camphor, common ingredients found in many sports creams which can be toxic in large doses.
viridis were collected with an entomological net after being attracted to chemical baits of eugenol, eucalyptol, beta-ionone, methyl salicylate and benzyl benzoate; eugenol was the most attractive chemical, responsible for 46.2% of the E.
The Mohawk tribe brewed the leaves, which contain methyl salicylate (the active painkiller found in aspirin), into a pain-relieving tea.