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Synonyms for methodology

Synonyms for methodology

the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline

the system of methods followed in a particular discipline

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Methodologically sound studies meet all of the quality indicators listed in Table 1 relevant to their research design.
This special topic forum is not restricted to any one topic, but rather about moving empirical supply chain management research forward theoretically and methodologically.
Such pitfalls are avoided by relying on methodologically sound photo enforcement studies subjected to peer review.
It also notes that until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "demonstrates, through verifiable documentation and a methodologically based analysis, that ICE is aligned with the DHS enterprise architecture, the program will remain at risk of being defined and implemented in a way that does not support optimal departmentwide operations, performance, and achievement of strategic goals and outcomes.
Professor Kevin Clancy, director of the doctoral program at the time, commented on Lloyd's doctoral dissertation, referring to it as, "the most methodologically sophisticated and intellectually rigorous dissertation ever done in the program.
Now that international attention is focused on gender-based violence, methodologically rigorous research is needed to guide the formulation and implementation of effective interventions, policies and prevention strategies.
Her critique of the research on reading is that reading research is methodologically flawed, inductive research is absent, and the researchers often do not create theories based on sound knowledge.
This resource for clinicians highlights examples of the use of critical analysis and methodologically rigorous evidence synthesis techniques in the practice of neurosurgery.
Theoretically and methodologically, this research parts ways with current studies of Tran sexuality, as well as lesbian/gay oral history projects.
While presenters often address packed audiences in methodologically oriented sessions (e.
Dickerson's Recovering the Black Female Body: Self-Representations by African American Women (Rutgers UP, 2000), an excellent collection that is nonetheless not as visually oriented nor as methodologically varied as Skin Deep, Spirit Strong; and Carla Williams's and Debra Willis's The Black Female Body: A Photographic History (Temple UP, 2002), from which Williams's own contribution to Skin Deep, Spirit Strong is drawn.
He recalls the university-sponsored (and methodologically suspect) studies of sexual exploitation of children that purported epidemics of pedophilic sexual predation.
Criteria for Selection: The selection criteria are: the proposal contributes to the knowledge base of preservice and inservice teacher education; the proposal is methodologically or theoretically sound; the proposal/presentation/discussion/ interaction is well planned and well written; the proposed format is well organized and clearly described; and the proposal clearly states its significance for teacher educators.
Although quality of research varies, most of the studies we reviewed were methodologically limited and more rigorous studies are needed.
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