methodological analysis

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the branch of philosophy that analyzes the principles and procedures of inquiry in a particular discipline


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Political scientists can bring a unique perspective to educational research-one that is informed by awareness of political and institutional dynamics as well as sophisticated methodological analysis.
Careful methodological analysis along the lines done by Drs.
Consultation of other textbooks is necessary for greater detail about a particular subject and methodological analysis.
She then buries these insightful explorations behind nearly two hundred pages of convoluted methodological analysis.
Even though an adjustment may be called for because transactional terms and conditions are not sustainable under the arm's length standard, there remains considerable latitude, within that notion generally and in applying the relevant methodological analysis, to import an overriding qualification that the results be reasonable in the circumstances.
In "Have Compassion for Rabbi HaLevi, His Heart Just Got Broken: The Medieval Poem 'My Heart Is in the East' by Yehuda HaLevi" Mazor ignores the extensive personal correspondence, prose works, and over thirty similar poems of the romantic "singer of Zion,"just as he ignores the methodological analysis of Leo Strauss (Persecution and the Art of Writing, 1988), the intellectual and existential metamorphosis described by Heinrich Heine ("Jehuda Ben Halevy"), and a veritable multilingual library devoted to the leading poet of the Jewish diaspora.
NXP's aim in founding the ASC was to create an environment which would spur the advancement of RFID and industry-wide research through methodological analysis, test and validation of all elements of an RFID system," said Dirk Morgenroth, Director Marketing, RFID, NXP Semiconductors.
Based on data somNRK today, the collection of new data and methodological analysis, relevant international comparisons and other materials shall analyzes provide better insight into the issues described.
Broudo has deeply impacted the conceptual and methodological analysis of these estimates.
Achieving methodological analysis to identify weaknesses in the system to integrate programs into a single process, repeatable and efficient;