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to arrange in an orderly manner

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In order to sustain his adolescent rebellion against his poetic fathers Andrade came up with a paradoxical double negation: Bilac failed for not methodizing his aesthetic procedures employed in one of his best poems, "Tarde," while Marinetti failed because he attempted to transform modern poetry into a system.
In The Friend, in his own if not in Hamlet's defense, Coleridge parenthetically remarks of "meditative excess" that "with due abatement and reduction, [it] is distinctive of every powerful and methodizing intellect" (1.
Human positive law accounts for Aquinas' fourth type of law, "afterwards added at the Pleasure of Men, as they found it expedient to bring them in, for the polishing and the methodizing of common Life.
In what sounds like an organized team approach, Aikin said that Howard took his notebooks to an |old retired friend of his, who assisted him in methodizing them, and copied out the whole matter in correct language'.