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a method of fitting a curve to data points so as to minimize the sum of the squares of the distances of the points from the curve

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Based on expressions (1)--(4) and using the method of least squares for the approximation of the function that characterizes the multilayer soil, in the software enviromnent Delphi developed has developed a program for interpreting the results of VES as four-layer geoelectric structure <<VEZ-4A>>, which interface is shown in Fig.
In this paper we consider the method of least squares on the boundary combined with the method of homogeneous solutions in application to axisymmetric biharmonic problems for a semi-infinite cylindrical domain.
Referring to the nonlinearity problem, Kmenta (Kmenta, 1971) asserts that the difference between the linear (usual) method of least squares and the same method in the nonlinear case, is due to the fact that, in the linear case, the estimator can be expressed as a linear function of disturbances (errors), what is not possible, in general, in the nonlinear case.
As pointed out in Sarkar's tutorial paper [30] which compared the method of least squares with Galerkin's method, our LSBRM model requires significantly more computational resources.
4) Optimize group decision making matrix based on the method of least squares.
Finally the user position is estimated using the Linearization technique, Method of least squares using Bancroft algorithm and also by the proposed Mutivariate Newton--Raphson Technique.
Using the method of least squares, we obtained the following function:
The statistically best-fit straight line is usually determined by applying the method of least squares to a series of calibration readings.
Nielsen, Evaluation of measurement intercomparisons by the method of least squares, Report DFM-99-R39, 3208 LN, Danish Institute of Fundamental Metrology, Lyngby, Denmark (2000).
The method of least squares is built on the hypothesis that the optimum description of a set of data is one that minimizes the weighted sum of squares of deviation of the data from the fitting function.
Method of least squares Method that focuses on the random variable Y in regression analysis and minimizes the sum of squared deviations in the Y direction about the regression line; used to obtain estimates of the regression parameters if and b, the intercept and slope coefficients for the equation for the line.
The method of least squares gives a good linear fit: RA = 1.
Using a Maple application, based on the method of least squares we obtained different graphics and approximation models.
In order to determine the regression coefficients, was applied the method of least squares, using the MathCAD work.
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