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the best method to achieve a desired result

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In the last 20 years, design-build contracting has become the method of choice in public and private construction projects.
The Air Force is leaning heavily toward Lean as the method of choice," Wollam said.
Pipe ramming is often the method of choice in cobble or free flowing solid conditions.
Datamonitor said: "Cards are becoming the payment method of choice.
Dr Helen Sang, Senior Scientist at Roslin, where Dolly, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell was created, said: 'With this major milestone achievement, I am even more convinced that we are developing an elite manufacturing platform that should emerge as a method of choice for many products.
The comparison method of choice for this research is to be as consistent as possible between class types, while maintaining the comparison within a division.
The compression molded parts showed more than 50% higher impact resistance than the injection molded ones, and compression molding would likely be the method of choice for large parts anyway," he notes.
For these reasons, CT is the primary imaging method of choice.
Allen also sees the numbers as the method of choice for measuring the value of a holy life like John Paul II's.
Tracheal washing can also be the method of choice to bacteriologically monitor the efficacy of therapy.
Of those three methods, Prudential found that faxing is currently the method of choice of general agencies, while electronic submission is the method used by retail agents.
org), also favors tax credits as the method of choice for encouraging the purchase of long-term care insurance.
EPA Method 24 has been the historical method of choice, but it is totally inadequate when TVOC levels drop below approximately 2%.
1 Science, "should become the method of choice when fast answers are needed for fluid flows of complex geometry," comments David C.
Casting is regarded as the method of choice for domestic truck frames.