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Synonyms for mete

to set aside or distribute as a share

to ascertain the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of


Synonyms for mete

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Total quantity or scope: Services on a loan worth 1,500,000 internally, 909,602.00 lei estimated costs for providing resources for the financing of local investment objective achieved in the commune Metes approved according HCL no.37 / 2015.
Jay Quinn's debut novel Metes and Bounds is a coming out story that does provide a unique perspective.
At the end of this computer lab seminar, participants will be able to: understand the terms involved with metes and bounds descriptions; handle inputs to the computer; merge multiple parcels, with both sections and metes and bounds formats; calculate areas and closure precision of individual parcels, measure overlaps or gaps; and deal with poorly written or incomplete descriptions.
Ballad, set to Dylan Thomas's resonant recitations of his own poetry, and double-cast, all male or all female (I saw the women), metes out beautifully understated gestural phrases, led by Odile Reine-Adelaide in a narrow band of glowing white light, framed by the silhouettes of her mates at its edges.
A more controversial result has been pricing discrimination that metes out the lowest fares to the most flexible passengers.
teem, teams, team, tames, tame, tamale, stem, steam, smelt, slam, seem, seam, same, mettle, metes, mete, metal, mesa, melts, melt, meets, meet, meat, meal, matte, mats, mates, mate, mast, malt, male, lame, STALEMATE Wordsquare: S.
Tenders are invited for A Loan Amounting to 1,500,000 Internally, 909,602.00 Lei Estimated Costs for Providing Resources for Financing the Investment Objective of Local Interest Developed in the Commune Metes