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This spring, classified meteorologically as the months of March, April and May, was 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th-century average.
While it can just as easily refer to water, the marine and the oceanic, this sense of the elemental is also often understood meteorologically: it refers here to variations in the atmosphere that operate far beyond the immediate orbit of the human, but which can nevertheless be sensed by objects, bodies and devices of different kinds (Ingold, 2015).
It's meteorologically significant that the airspeed and altitude upset was well to the rear of the storm, in an area considered by forecasters to be away from the more intense elements in such a storm.
DyMSiM is a meteorologically driven, process-based model containing entomological and epidemiological components.
Ernst, "Meteorologically driven simulations of dengue epidemics in San Juan, PR," PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, vol.
Meteorologically, the Khuzestan Province and particularly Ahvaz have prolonged hot months and a short period of cold from December to February.
Meteorologically, western Japan's monsoon season (June-July) is the rainiest period of the year.
The production environments were meteorologically characterized using sensors of temperature and relative air humidity (SHT-75), installed in the geometric center (2 m), with wireless communication (arduino protocol), while the external environment was characterized by a weather station close to the greenhouses.
In the first week of 1940 Angriffstag remained meteorologically elusive, although nominally set for January 17.
Speaking meteorologically (like the weather forecasters do), it was March 1.
Last spring in Oregon, where I moved partly for the mild weather, a tiny tornado touched down without warning on an ordinary, meteorologically ho-hum afternoon and--like a finger from heaven--flipped four cars around a college parking lot.
Speaking meteorologically (like the weather forecasters do), we haven't long to go - March 1.
Meteorologically,perfect storms are almost impossible to avoid; however, the repercussions may be so severe that, if we simply wait for this storm to pass, when we finally emerge from our hiding places we will find only remnants and fragments of our public schools.
"Meteorologically Defined Limits to Reduction in the Variability of Outputs from a Coupled Wind Farm System in the Central US." Renewable Energy 62: 331-340.
Temperature and precipitation data are already used to forecast meteorologically sensitive IDs, but more driver data could support improved predictive models covering a much broader range of IDs.
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