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any animal of the subkingdom Metazoa

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The earliest unambiguous indication of the rise of metazoan life is preserved in the spectacular phosphorite deposits of the Doushantuo Formation of China dating to at least 580 million years ago.
Aguirre-Macedo, "Metacercariae of trematodes parasitizing freshwater fish in Mexico: a reappraisal and methods of study," in Metazoan Parasites in the Neotropic: Ecological, Taxonomic and Evolutionary Perspectives, G.
Robbins, E.I., Porter, K.G., and Haberyan, K.A., 1985, Pellet microfossils: Possible evidence for metazoan life in Early Proterozoic time: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, v.
During apoptosis in metazoans, caspases cleave PARP [Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase], a DNA repair enzyme.
Sympagic amphipods are the best-studied metazoans living at the ice-water interface in the Arctic (e.g., Werner, 1997; Poltermann, 2000; Gradinger and Bluhm, 2004; Gradinger et al., 2009a).
(27,28) As the ozone protection against UV-B developed after free oxygen was available (probably starting about 2,4 billion years ago), the very high resistance of amphibian embryos at early developmental stages to UV-B (unpublished data obtained in our laboratory) as well as other agents exerting oxidative stress (29,21,30) is also in line with the evoecotoxicological hypothesis that living organisms could be considered as biomarkers of both environment and life features during their evolutionary process and provide support to the construction that metazoan organisms existed in the ancient anoxic Earth.
The gene coding for the 18S rRNA contains sections that are highly conserved, and these provide informative characters for the assessment of relationships between distantly related taxa, such as metazoan relationships (Giribet & Wheeler 2001; Mallatt et al.
This resistance, characteristic of amphibian early embryo stages, is in line with the evoecotoxicologic hypothesis that ontogenetic stages in living organisms can be considered biomarkers of major features of both the environment and life forms during the evolutionary history and provides additional support to the suggestion that metazoan organisms existed in the ancient anoxic Earth.
Goodman calls the process "the most comprehensive analysis to date in a metazoan system--that is, a multicellular system--of where transcription factors bind to their genomic targets." It gives scientists a system for mining the entire genome for all the regulatory sites involving a given transcription factor protein.
Examinations for metazoan parasites were performed with a stereomicroscope using standard parasitological methods.
IGP arises in different ways in size-structured populations of protists and metazoans. Size structure in metazoan populations results from an extended somatic growth period between birth and maturity.
Intestinal tapeworms, the largest of the metazoan disease agents, grow in human intestines to lengths of 3-10 meters (10-34 feet).
First, metazoan embryos use homologous proteins to regulate functionally similar developmental processes in organisms that are phenotypically very different.
mystus S, respectively, containing the standard metazoan set of 22 transfer RNA genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes and non-coding regions.