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a linguistic process of transposition of sounds or syllables within a word or words within a sentence

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a chemical reaction between two compounds in which parts of each are interchanged to form two new compounds (AB+CD=AD+CB)

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The CatPac system was developed by XiMo, an emerging metathesis technology company and utilizes proprietary molybdenum (Mo) and tungsten (W) catalysts.
Fatty esters of cellulose from olive pomace and barley bran: Improved mechanical properties by metathesis crosslinking.
In these systems, the efficiency of self-repair function, in terms of trigger, speed and yield, is related to ring-opening metathesis polymerization of the healing agent b> appmpnate catalysts.
The major focus of the group over the past few years has been on the olefin metathesis reaction.
com)-- According to a revealing study released by Intratec Solutions, Houston-based publisher and chemical process consulting firm, the EBITDA of a 350 kta propylene unit, based on metathesis technology using ethylene and butene as raw materials and located in US Gulf Coast, is around USD 200 per ton of propylene produced, what means an EBITDA margin of approximately 12%.
Project scope The scope of the project involves the construction of the following plants: * Methyl tertiary butyl-ether/iso-butylene (MTBE/IB) plant; * Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) plant; * Metathesis plants; and * Associated facilities.
Schrock has been a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1980 and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "the development of the metathesis method in organic synthesis.
Highly Efficient Molybdenum-Based Catalysts for Enantioselective Alkene Metathesis (Nature 2008)
Elevance will provide natural monomers produced from plant oils along with its proprietary metathesis technology to enable the production of various polymers.
Among these, ILs have recently classified into five types namely alkylation ILs, metathesis ILs, protic ILs, eutectic ILs and protic eutectic ILs.
Among the topics are porous silica in transition metal polymerization catalysts, supported magnesium-titanium-based Ziegler catalysts for producing polyethylene, product morphology in olefin polymerization with polymer-supported metallocene catalysts, copper catalysts for olefin polymerization, ring-opening metathesis polymerizations and acyclic diene metathesis polymerizations with homogeneous ruthenium and molybdenum catalysts and initiators.
With metathesis (root consonants switching order), we could see how German wort, later English "word," came from davar [word, thing].
See OIA kilata- 'inspissated milk' (3181); modern descendants are only found in Nuristani and Dardic; the Romani form is thus a borrowing (it underwent metathesis in the second syllable).
Metathesis refers to the relationship between the represented theme / experience / interpretation in layer III and the representing layers II and I.
In fact, Pius II argued, against Coluccio Salutati and many other humanists, that the etymology of Turcus (or, as it was more often in the fifteenth century, the feminine Turca) did not derive from a metathesis of the Latin word Teucrus.