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Synonyms for metaphorical

Synonyms for metaphorical

expressing one thing in terms normally denoting another


References in classic literature ?
Katharine set her teeth, not entirely in the metaphorical sense, for her hand, obeying the impulse towards definite action, laid firmly upon the table beside her an envelope which she had been grasping all this time in complete forgetfulness.
Every word is either current, or strange, or metaphorical, or ornamental, or newly-coined, or lengthened, or contracted, or altered.
They were, moreover, in the present case, embittered with certain circumstances, which being mixed with sweeter ingredients, tended altogether to compose a draught that might be termed bitter-sweet; than which, as nothing can be more disagreeable to the palate, so nothing, in the metaphorical sense, can be so injurious to the mind.
But it was worked out on conscious artistic principles, carefully followed; and when chanted, as it was meant to be, to the harp it possessed much power and even beauty of a vigorous sort, to which the pictorial and metaphorical wealth of the Anglo-Saxon poetic vocabulary largely contributed.
The language, compared to that of our own vastly more complex time, was undeveloped; but for use in poetry, especially, there were a great number of periphrastic but vividly picturesque metaphorical synonyms (technically called kennings ).
Psychological Problems and Their Big Deceptions: Introducing Predicate-Equating Cognition, Metaphorical Communications, and the Unconscious Entity
It is highly metaphorical, consciously styled, and imagistic.
Dr Lakoff is widely recognized for his groundbreaking research as the leading expert in the field of framing ideas and language and in research on metaphorical thought and the metaphorical language that expresses largely non-conscious metaphorical thought.
Metaphor is considered a cognitive mechanism and is differentiated from metaphorical language, that is, the instantiation of conceptual metaphor.
Since pain indicates that something is wrong with human body, the language becomes a unique instrument to signal pain verbally and indicate its location as well as intensity by means of metaphorical expressions.
In recognizing this issue As father, educator and administrator took it seriously and encourage me to set descriptive study as a preliminary approach to determining if a new approach to managing anger in college using the exploration of educators 'and administrators metaphorical images of anger might be successful.
Metaphorical reference In a controversial article published in 1996, historian Youssef Mroueh refers to a diary entry from Columbus that mentions a mosque in Cuba.
Examples of specific themes include the socio-political context of contemporary Spain, the role of translation within linguistically non-homogenous communities, literatures of exile, women and terrorism in literature, transculturation and migratory identities, and hybrid spaces and metaphorical literary borderlands.
In order to clarify how characterizations work before turning to discuss their involvement with racial epithets more specifically, let us first briefly consider a paradigm example of a characterization from Romeo and Juliet: the example where Romeo characterizes Juliet as the sun with the metaphorical statement Juliet is the sun.