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expressing one thing in terms normally denoting another

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It is in the metaphoric description of the "frontier of cyberspace" that a vision of the future is portrayed.
The terms Frye uses for the phases of language development are metaphoric, metonymic, and demotic; a fourth term, ricorso, marks a return to the beginning.
The "Doomsday Clock," assessed by a group of scientists at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, is a metaphoric clock that represents when the world will end.
Two short prose examples--an excerpt of a recreated overheard conversation in a coffee shop, an excerpt from a newspaper article--and an excerpt from a poem (see Table 1) will hopefully demonstrate how naturally present metaphors are in daily life, and yet how they slip by us, as metaphor, in our response to them, unlike our greater attentiveness to metaphoric use in poetry.
Katara's deputy general-director for operations, Ahmed a-Sayed said: "The metaphoric exhibition for the Iraqi artist Sabah Arbili is a great opportunity for the viewers to have a glimpse into the masterpiece of the renowned Iraqi artist." Arbili said, "I have selected Qur'anic verses which resonate with me, and then paint them onto canvases in real time, so to speak, as visitors to this gallery walk through and watch the work in progress.
His close readings of the way Homer or Mflton, Shakespeare or Allen Tate, Hugo or Eliot, for example, treat simflar metaphoric fields (such as "yielding in conflict" "the movement of falling" or "the light of the eyes") bring out striking differences in worldviews, thus restoring an important historic dimension and the case for genuine originality to the works he studies.
In his 1963 book Displacement of Concepts, he developed a theory of metaphoric reasoning--how humans create new meanings from old.
While my hermeneutic shares Endean's fundamental position on the originality of Rahner's thought, it looks for a more precise description of exactly how Rahner's metaphoric logic reframes the conventional theological fields of meanings and thus avoids difficulties such as those associated with either foundationalism or nonfoundationalism.
News that a Christian B&B owner turned away a gay couple because she said it was against her Christian convictions certainly puts a new metaphoric meaning to the phrase "No room at the inn".
"Gunnar Birkerts: Metaphoric Modernist" is beautifully and profusely illustrated compendium showcasing the architect's work, his evolving design process and philosophy, and his iconic work ranging from the Federal Reserve Bank in Minneapolis to the Corning Museum of Glass, to the Houst Arts Museum, to the Latvian National Library.
To accomplish this, the bidisciplinary model will focus on a lingual phenomenon that has existed in language for millennia: the metaphoric process.
This research, based on the post-1980s studies of Lacoff and Johnson (2005), was conducted to examine the metaphoric statements of students about their social studies course.
Harry Herbert, managing director of Highclere Thoroughbreds, owners of Distinction, and the Royal Ascot Racing Club, owners of Metaphoric
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