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an amphetamine derivative (trade name Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride

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The director of the Sabah state National Drug Agency, Siti Muhaza Sheikh Zainal expressed shock at the number of telephone calls her office had received from women inquiring about whether metamphetamine, locally known as ''syabu,'' could help them lose weight.
The liquid is believed to be mixture of ethyl ether or chloroform which is an essential substance in the production of metamphetamine or shabu.
Heroin, cocaine, metamphetamine and other illegal drugs are cheaper, purer and easier to get hold of than ever.
According to the police, the suspects used a van and an ambulance to transport 498 kg of metamphetamine hydrochloride, known locally as ''shabu.'' Mitra was driving the van, the agents said.
Recovered from the four were nine sachets of white crystalline substance believed to be shabu (metamphetamine hydrochloride).
It has been noted that while shabu - metamphetamine hydrochloride - had been made in hidden laboratories in this country, big shipments of the illegal drug have also been smuggled into the country from some countries, including China.
Judge Caridad Cuerdo found Yoshiaki Iwasawa, 38, guilty of possession of 6 grams of metamphetamine hydrochloride, also known as ''ice'' and regarded as the ''poor man's cocaine.''
Recovered from him were Hernandez's cellphone, a loaded caliber .38 revolver, and a sachet of suspected shabu (metamphetamine hydrochloride).
The 11-page decision issued on February 28 read: "After due assessment of the facts and evidence adduced, the Court is of the considered view that there is basis to support a finding of guilt against both accused for illegal possession of metamphetamine hydrochloride."
In addition, Roque said a total of 2,525.77 kilos of 'shabu' (metamphetamine hydrochloride) valued at P18.9 billion have been seized in the same period.
But two weeks ago he was told traces of banned drug metamphetamine had been found in his urine.
The Department of Justice will file a motion for consideration after the Valenzuela Regional Trial Court (RTC) dismissed the charges against alleged customs fixer Mark Taguba, Chinese businessman Richard Chen, and seven others implicated in P6.4-billion shabu (metamphetamine hydrochloride) shipment.
The Office of the Ombudsman, for its part, said on November 7 that it has "created a panel to conduct a fact-finding investigation into alleged anomalies in the release of P6.4 billion worth of metamphetamine or 'shabu,' through the green lane (sic) of Bureau of Customs.
Subsequently, the raiding team rounded up nine other suspects, seizing from them a total of P200,000 worth of metamphetamine hydrochloride or "shabu," Samma's firearm, several rounds of ammunition, and various drug paraphernalia.