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  • verb

Synonyms for metamorphose

Synonyms for metamorphose

to change into a different form, substance, or state

to bring about a radical change in

Synonyms for metamorphose

change completely the nature or appearance of

change in outward structure or looks

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In addition, paedomorphic larvae retain the ability to metamorphose.
Cave-dwelling salamanders are obligate paedomorphs (3), but are known to metamorphose when exposed to lighted laboratory conditions (4).
La Metamorphose dans la poesie baroque francaise et anglaise: variations et resurgences.
Under the tremendous heat and pressure of a meteorite impact, rocks melt, shatter or metamorphose into strange forms that not even volcanic explosions can generate.
Displayed under glass, framed, or placed on a slide and projected onto the wall, these objects metamorphose from detritus to poetry.
4) Artists can also metamorphose others, as when Brunelleschi, in the fable of the Fat Carpenter, transforms the plump artisan into somebody other than himself or, rather, deceives the fat fellow into believing he is no longer himself.
The title is meant to evoke Mishima and his world, mythology, mer ("sea"), mort ("death"), and metamorphose "transformation").
But many caterpillars in the families Riodinidae and Lycaenidae -- which metamorphose into the beautiful, widely distributed butterflies commonly called "metalmarks" and "blues" -- don't have these problems.
This is a vexed spot where literality and truth to form, pushed to their logical and rhetorical conclusions, metamorphose into something else-neither object nor concept but a hybrid of both.
During their aquatic larval stage, salamanders suck in water and small prey, but after they metamorphose into land-bound adults, they catch dinner by flicking out their tongues.
Co-ordinator of national preservation and digitisation programs Metamorphose and Memory of the Netherlands.
Decide yourself, when the artist's luxuriant, surreal inventions metamorphose their way up the Guggenheim spiral this fall.
Moreover, the virus appears to cause endocrine system changes that can curb a larva's appetite, keep it from molting or prevent its pupation (passage into that dormant stage when it would metamorphose into an adult, capable of reproduction).
Through the animation process, people metamorphose into landscapes and everyday things appear and disappear, mutate into other objects, or become abstract forms.
With this type of agreement we continue to improve the prospects of our going forward strategy for the public holding company to metamorphose into a multifaceted holder of telecommunications and internet assets," states Smith.