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the logical analysis of mathematical reasoning

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Tarski, Alfred (1956), "Sentential calculus and topology", en Alfred Tarski, Logic, Semantics and Metamathematics, Oxford, Reino Unido, Oxford University Press, pp.
In the early twentieth century under Hilbert's influence, logic became the tool of metamathematics, whose concern was the analysis of axiomatic theories for consistency, completeness, and independence, becoming aligned in the end with set theory and abstract model theory.
The mathema of tics, in the classroom, might be considered a METAETHNOMATHEMATICS, that is, similar to what is done in METAMATHEMATICS.
Logic, semantics and metamathematics, second edition, 978-0915144761.
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The solution to the consistency dilemma resides in a critical distinction between mathematics and metamathematics.
But the insistence that the criteria and methods of a subject should be applied to the subject itself is unusual, although some might claim Hilbert's metamathematics program is a precedent.
and Translator), Logic, semantics, and metamathematics (translated in 1956, pp.
The author is at his weakest explaining Hilbert's metamathematics.
Frege and then Peano brilliantly set the stage for Hilbert, Whitehead and Russell and 20th century metamathematics.
Introduction to Model Theory and to the Metamathematics of Algebra.
The second part "Object Theory O"--provides a formalization of an object theory logic and semantics, and includes treatment of definite descriptions, lambda abstraction, alethic modality, mathematics, metamathematics, and logical metatheory (including alleged soundness, completeness and compactness--for propositional object theory, predicate object theory and modal object theory--with respect to appropriate classes of models).
co-founder of metamathematics (David Hilbert is considered the other founder), formulator of the famous "Truth Tables," etc.
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9) See Alfred Tarski, "The Concept of Truth in Formalized Languages," in Logic, Semantics and Metamathematics, trans.