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of or being a nonmetallic element that has some of the properties of metal

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The metalloid As is present in Chitral is associated with sulphide and carbonates and in different areas of valley of Tirchmir and is considered as gold indicator that's why exploited through mining as chances of availability of gold increased with the availability of As (Investor information package KP 2014).
In turn, leaching tests are used to predict both the potential mobilization of metals and metalloids to groundwater and their bioavailability to plants under natural conditions [21].
Several recent publications have highlighted the presence of metallic elements, metalloids, and mineral compounds in herbal teas.
Hyperaccumulators of metal and metalloid trace elements: Facts and fictions.
Similarly some alloys are based on amorphous alloys, and amorphous alloys of large volume (BMGs) as Co-Nb-B consisting of covalent bond formed by metalloid element (B) and a transition metal element with high cobalt modulus [5].
Therefore, we included one metalloid (As), six heavy metals (Cd, Ni, Pb, Co, Zn and Cu) and laboratory grade calcium chloride (Ca[Cl.sub.2]) for comparison.
The smart phones, computers, TV black boxes, game stations and other devices we love so much all exist because of the semiconductors manufactured from this plentiful metalloid. It also dominates the market for solar photovoltaics, which is held up as the great hope for our global transition away from fossil fuels.
Chapter 30 discusses metal and metalloid poisonings, covering lead in detail.
A sea of metalloid panels as far as the eye can see gleams in the sun in a 160-hectare farm traversing a rolling terrain near the foot of Mount San Piro in Batangas province.
Silicone contains the metalloid element silicon with element number 14.
The merger will create an expanded analytical testing and research laboratory focused on measuring metals and metalloid compounds in a wide variety of matrices to serve the specialty testing needs of environmental, industrial, municipal, food and beverage testing, textile, biochemical, and petroleum markets globally.
Arsenic (As) is a colorless and tasteless naturally occurring metalloid found in water air and soil.
Metal and metalloid analysisIn order to determine accurate values of different metals and metalloids in the soil and vegetable samples, standards of Co, Ni, Cu, As, Zn and Se were prepared to calibrate flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer (FAAS) and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer (GFAAS).
Each metal atom is surrounded octahedrally by six metalloid atoms, and each metalloid atom is surrounded tetrahedrally by one metalloid atom and three metal atoms.