metallic element

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any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc


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where []--the mass of internal metallic element;
The sulphate of which metallic element is given as a 'meal' to patients before certain X-ray photographs are taken?
Quicksilver is another name for which metallic element? 6.
When cooled and squeezed, the soft metallic element europium allows electrons to flow unfettered, scientists report online May 13 in Physical Review Letters.
Which metallic element gives bricks their red colour?
* Although aluminum is the most abundant metallic element in Earth's crust, it is very rare in its free form and was once considered a precious metal more valuable than gold.
Depending on whom you speak to, the definition of a "heavy metal" can be as broad as every metallic element except lithium and sodium, or as limited as the few metals mentioned in the CONEG-type legislation (from the Coalition of Northeastern Governors) popping up all over the country to limit the hazardous content of packaging.
Which light metallic element is represented by the symbol Li?
Which light silvery-white metallic element has the symbol Mg?
The lead here is not the metallic element, but is used in the sense of head-start--developing a drug from an already well known compound.
In science, which metallic element in the Periodic Table is given the symbol Ni?
There, the metallic element rhodium collects the two electrons and delivers them to water molecules.
For example:: If a gun contains the metallic element iron (atomic number 26), energy in passing X-rays collides with atoms inside the iron.
Sb is the chemical symbol for which toxic metallic element? 2.