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substituting metonymy of one figurative sense for another

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Despite differences among the theories in Greek rhetoric, we can speak of a relatively common ground among them, so that even different figures of speech such as metalepsis, synecdoche, periphrasis, and so forth were defined through the same concepts.
The real readers of Cortazar's story are meant to experience aesthetic illusion for a while, but also, at least at the end, to disengage themselves from it, namely when becoming aware of the textual strategy that has led them into the trap of the suggested metalepsis.
Later we will again meet this trope, the metalepsis, with which the narrator pretends to enter (with or without his reader) into the diegetic universe.
I am grateful to Herbert Tucker for suggesting the analogy between the valedictory and Bloom's metalepsis.
In the first instance, then, the performativity of gender revolves around this metalepsis, the way in which the anticipation of a gendered essence produces that which it posits as outside itself.
14) Debra Malina, Breaking the Frame: Metalepsis and the Construction of the Subject (Columbus: Ohio State University Press, 2002), 83.
De Jongh (2011:8-10) beskou die ekfrasis van die Achillesskild in die Ilias as 'n tipe metalepsis (soos die term in die antieke retorika gebruik word en nie soos Genette dit later gebruik nie) --dus as 'n oplossing en ineenvloeiing van grense.
Irene de Jong's treatment of metalepsis, on the other hand, neglects the effects of individual readerly engagement and wider contexts on the production of meaning.
11) Tisha Turk, Metalepsis in Fan Vids and Fan Fiction, in METALEPSIS AND POPULAR CULTURE (Karin Kukkonen & Sonia Klimek eds.
Through the figures of citation and metalepsis the poem co-locates a variety of significant texts that reflect on American institutions, history, and anxieties.
Similarly, her focus on metalepsis and authorial control works well as a sequel to Wilson's investigation of authorial presence and metafiction, and gestures back to Wevers's essay.
Hunter includes a metalepsis by beginning his story with an intrusive narrator (himself) who 'introduces himself into the fictive action of the narrative' (Genette, 1988, p.
At the micro level, however, Blake's continually collapsing rhetoric demonstrates Urizen's power to be a usurpation resulting from a metalepsis or causal reversal that is extremely precarious, inasmuch as it is upheld only through mankind's agonized efforts at self-abnegation.
It is another matter whether such instances of narrative metalepsis in either or both works in question are to be taken as further proof of Joyce and Nabokov being both classifiable as postmodernists of sorts; or else the relative ease with which the riddles devised by each of our writers locates them in an earlier, modernist tradition of the novel.
In another pattern, the neat hierarchical arrangement of nested worlds is compromised through metalepsis as the barriers between the worlds are breached and characters from different worlds incongruously cross over and exert influence on the other play worlds in progress (Genette 234-35).