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The more common pattern of the extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis was one muscle and one tendon of the extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis, localized in the second dorsal wrist compartment, and with a constant insertion in the radial side of bases of the second and third metacarpal bones.
Exercise of young thoroughbred horses increases impact strength of the third metacarpal bone.
In our case tumor is affecting diaphyseal region of metacarpal bone and as far as we know only few cases had been reported until now.
Lister said: "Farloe Verdict was on three legs this morning, she has broken a metacarpal bone and is likely to be off for at least three months.
80sec success, but was sore the next morning and, following a precautionary x-ray, the Sittingbourne record holder was found to have a hairline fracture of the Metacarpal bone in his left fore.
Brown told the stewards that he believed Magical Myth had inadvertently received a tablet intended for a kennel companion being treated for a broken metacarpal bone.
I've had her at the vet and it looks as though she may have chipped a metacarpal bone, we'll have it X-rayed on Monday but until then won't know the full extent of the injury.
The dog is currently licking his wounds, quite literally, after injuring a metacarpal bone at Crayford earlier this month.
Mrs Mullins said yesterday: "The Reading vet believes he's broken a metacarpal bone but without X-rays cannot be certain.
Second favourite in some long-odds lists, Tony Meek's bitch suffered a fractured metacarpal bone on Monday and there is some doubt as to whether she will race again.
8 to insert a plate and screws to repair a broken metacarpal bone in his right ring finger.
This was achieved by creating a mold of a cadaveric metacarpal bone and pouring an identically shaped polyurethane copy.
Fractures at the base of the first metacarpal bone.
3] Here we present a case of giant cell tumor affecting the first metacarpal bone that is an extremely rare location.
The mass was adjacent to the first metacarpal bone (Figure 2).