metacarpal bone

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any bone of the hand between the wrist and fingers


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Each sensor end block was positioned overlying and parallel with the distal diaphysis of the ulna and the mid-diaphysis of the major metacarpal bone for measurement of the carpus; and overlying and parallel with the distal diaphysis of the humerus and proximal diaphysis of the ulna for measurement of the elbow (Fig 2).
We observed the anomalous FCUM which has a separate muscle belly extending from the proximal part of the forearm, and form a separate tendon inserting to the to the pisiform, the hamate and proximal of the fifth metacarpal bone. We interpreted it as type 2 (Fig.
The cut metatarsal bone was turned over and transplanted into the metacarpal bone of the right thumb.
The lengtheners used presently such as Matev, mini-Hoffman, and Ikuta are mainly indicated for the metacarpal bone prolongation [5, 6].
Watson, "Third metacarpal bone laterality asymmetry and midshaft dimensions in Thoroughbred racehorses," Australian Veterinary Journal, vol.
Fracture of phalangeal bones was found in 39 (69.64%) patients while in remaining patients metacarpal bones were fractured (table-II).
Fractures of the base of the first metacarpal bone: results of surgical treatment.
[3] Here we present a case of giant cell tumor affecting the first metacarpal bone that is an extremely rare location.
It is also observed in the ulna (in the proximal and distal part of the bone of the lateral, dorsal, volar, and medial sectors); in the metacarpal bone in the medial and volar sector; in the femoral bone (in the bone's proximal part of the lateral and medial sector and junction of the plantar and lateral sector); and in the diaphysis of the lateral and dorsal sectors and in the distal part of the sector.
An x-ray yesterday revealed a fractured first metacarpal bone and David O'Meara's stable jockey now plans to visit a hand specialist in Leeds on Friday in the hope of finding a speedy treatment for the injury.
Wright injured his non-shooting hand in Wednesday's 126-122 loss at home to the Los Angeles Clippers, and X-rays confirmed he fractured the fourth metacarpal bone. The Blazers announced his prognosis on Friday.
At 0830 h on d 29, one male pig (weighing closest to the average body weight for each pen) per pen was killed by electrical stunning and exsanguination to collect metacarpal bone samples.
Doht, "Experimental fracture model versus osteotomy model in metacarpal bone plate fixation," The Scientific World Journal, vol.
Osteoid osteoma of a metacarpal bone: A case report and review of the literature.
Additionally, measurements of hand thickness (TT, Total Thickness) between second and third metacarpal bone of non-dominant hand were performed.