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The camel's strategy is thus to save as much water as possible, achieved by its insulating skin (which also protects it from the cold desert nights), the production of dry feces and little urine, and obtaining metabolic water by the breakdown of the fat stored in its hump.
Daily total water turnover or intake was calculated by adding metabolic water intake, preformed water intake and drinking water intake (Calder 1984 page 136).
total water turnover - metabolic water intake = drinking water + preformed water:
To do this, we determined each penguin's mass gain (minus the mass of the stomach contents), assumed that the increase in mass was fat and that, when oxidized, 1 g of fat released 1.07 mL of metabolic water (Schmidt-Nielsen 1975).
Also, like other species in dry habitats, the rat converts some of its food into metabolic water. Cranford reports keeping captive kangaroo rats for two years on a diet of dried seeds and no water.