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a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

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El mestizaje en los manuales escolares de geografia de Colombia publicados entre 1975 y 1990 se aborda bajo el criterio del cruzamiento biologico entre las categorias raciales nombradas como blanco, indio y negro, aduciendo que la mezcla produce subtipos raciales denominados mestizo (entre blanco e indio), mulato (entre blanco y negro) y zambo (entre indio y negro); ademas se diferencia una categoria conocida como trietnico, que seria una mezcla equilibrada entre blanco, indio y negro.
La autora fue mas alla de la pregunta sobre quien era calificado o se autodeterminaba como mestizo, buscando responder los interrogantes sobre que es un mestizo, cuando se origina un mestizo y como un individuo que experimenta dicha marca identitaria resolvia dejarla, para ocupar un conjunto de atribuciones sociorraciales pertinentes a un sujeto distinto.
As Tucker notes, an overemphasis on the concept of mestizaje as a master narrative of race and race relations in previous scholarship tends to collapse the subtleties of identity construction into a binary opposition, pitting the ethnic category "mestizo" against that of "Indian." This is problematic, insofar as such labels insufficiently capture the dynamism and fluidity with which the socioeconomic categories indexed are experienced by those who may or may not necessarily self-identify as one or the other.
Nosotros somos un pueblo mestizo con una forma cultural sincretica, compuesta "por tres tradiciones: la occidental, la india y la negra".
The new white colonizers were more devious than the mestizos. They not only plundered Luzviminda's natural wealth.
For Kisar to function as a Mendelian racial laboratory, Rodenwaldt needed clear and reliable Mestizo genealogies.
It was only in the late 1880s and 1890s that the term Filipino began to change to refer to ' people from the Philippines.' Historians believe that this sense of being ' Filipino' emerged when the 'peninsular' Spaniard failed to distinguish between the mestizo and the indio.
Indeed, categories such as "indigenous," "mestizo," and "creole" are all too often treated as stable, reified entities when a close examination of texts from the period reveals these labels as sites of slippage and negotiation on the parts of all actors involved.