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(law) a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household

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(61) By that time, he had only two surviving children, John (baptized November 3, 1568) and Mary (baptized July 26, 1573), plus Elizabeth Ibbotson, "my mayde whome I have broughte vpp and kepte from her childhoode." To John he gave his lands and tenements in Essex; to Mary he gave his London properties, including his "greate Messuage" in Allhallows London Wall, then in the occupation of Peter Foy.
The interest formerly held by Lucy Peighen's sister Elizabeth in these properties is mentioned, but Alice Hilton's is not: "Witnesseth that wher Elizabeth Cholmeley late wife of Ranulphe Cholmeley late Recorder of London esquier was in her lif tyme by good conveyaunce in Law lawfully seased in her Demeane as of freehold for terme of her naturall lif of and in two ten[eme]nts and four messuages with thappurtenances sett lyinge and being in the parish of St.
the whole site, circuit, and precinct of the late collegiate church, or college, of the Holy Trinity, the belfry and cemetery of the same, together with the lead, bells, and all other goods and chattels pertaining thereto: all and singular the messuages, houses, buildings, barns, granges, gardens, and fish ponds, belonging to it; and all writings, charters, evidences, and muniments, connected with, or relating to, its possessions, or its inmates.(39)
Lichfield is on his deathbed, 'sicke and Weake in Body', and his signature is shaky.(24) The will reveals a surprisingly prosperous citizen: Lichfield bequeaths to his son William 'all my free hold houses, Messuages and Tenements in Burie in the county of Suffolk'; he leaves 100 pounds apiece to his eldest and youngest daughters, and 100 marks apiece to the two in the middle.
Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, freemen's maurer, lived in the broadest way immarginable in his rush-lit toofarback for messuages before joshuan judges had given us numbers or Helviticus committed deuteronomy...
their several messuages or tenements or any part or parcel thereof to any person or persons whatsoever after they have made the first offer thereof and their price and days [of payment] unto the next of kin or blood who should inherit the same .
The existence of an indenture dated 30 June 1609 also indicates Beaumont's financial travails: 'ffrauncis Beaumont of the Inner Temple london, gentleman' agreed to sell to James Riche 'All and singuler the messuages landes tenements and hereditamentes whatsoever in Osgathorpe and Swannington or any of them in the County of Leicester Shere of or wherein the said ffrauncis Beaumont hath any estate of inheritaunce in fee simple or fee taile in possession reversion or remainder' for 'the some of ten shillinges of good and lawfull money of England'.
John Colleshull, John Goldsmyth, and William atte Slowe were allowed to assign to the proposed Gild eighteen messuages, three tofts (houses), six acres of land and 40 shillings of rents, in Birmingham and Edgbaston.