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(law) a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household

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If William died without issue, the properties were to go to another son, John, on condition that within one year he pay [pound sterling]200 to a third son, Thomas; if John did not do so, then Thomas could "enter into all that my messuage or Tenement Comonlie called the Crosse Keyes Scituate lyinge and beinge in Gracyous streete wth in the saide cittie of London." (70) All that was to be moot for our purposes, though, since William Layston survived through the rest of the sixteenth century.
The Court of Husting Roll indicates that by 1568 Powell shared interest in that property with three other men: a deed dated 22 January 10 Elizabeth (i.e., 1568 n.s.) records that the four men were ceding "a messuage called 'le George,' in par.
For example, in Hevingham a messuage and 30 acres of customary land was sold for 38 [pounds sterling] 13s.
A farm, we are told, at least in one of its significations "is a collective Word, consisting of divers Things collected together, whereof one is a Messuage, and the others are the Lands, Meadows, Pastures, Woods, Commons, and other Things lying or appertaining thereto." However, "all this does not make it to be called a Farm, if it has not another Thing also; and that is, that it has been let or demised to another for Life, for Years, or at Will" (Wrotesley 195).
Robert de Dekeston's goods and chattels, as well as a messuage with appurtenances (47) belonging to him in Hereford had been confiscated by the Hereford Coroner after Robert drowned himself.
This states that the governors of King Edward VI School 'hold freely one messuage (a dwelling house and out buildings) called Byngys Hall and divers other lands and tenements in the forren aforesaid'.
1664 'messuage and garden next above Old Gate heretofore in possession of Edward dec'd and an encroachment between said tenement and the Gate, parcel of ground called 'Lymme Pitts' without Old Gate thereto adjoining In 1682 Thomas Lane, servant to Sir Job Charlton, died and left money in his will to provide for the poor.
Harris's first appearance in the Dulwich papers occurs in 1595 when he witnessed the bargain and sale of a share in a jointly held messuage, from John Alleyn (Edward's brother) to Edward.
(20) In a conveyance dated July 2, 1612, following his conviction for murder and subsequent release from the bishop's custody, Edward Oxley, clothier, son and heir of George Oxley, clothier, sold to Thomas Busse of Pembury, clothier, the messuage or tenement on the west side of the Tonbridge high street between two of the bridges, Busse having first signed a bond dated July 1, 1612, to pay from the income of the property certain bequests to George Oxley's widow.
1307: `on the day that he died Nicholas le Wodeward held from the lord 1 messuage and 12 acres of [arable] land, 1 acre of meadow, 1 parcel of woodland in the lord's villeinage'.
The first account begins more or less precisely on December 20th, 1558, nine days before Lord Robert Dudley (as he was then) received his first gift from Elizabeth, the house known only as the capital messuage of Kew', which was to be his residence until he sold it in either 1564 or 1565.
The Cholmley family held a capital messuage in Bletchingley called Kentwaynes, colloquially known as the Tan-House, containing almost a hundred acres in all, part of it freehold and part customary land of the manor of Bletchingley.
Surrenders: + Beatrice of the Brook to Ralph Echeman and his heirs, a messuage 21/2 a.
In 1382/3 William Smyth 'of Stichford in Yerdeleye' granted to a 'John Dod, of Bromwich, and Philip Huggen, of Yerdeleye a messuage and a chamber at Stichford, between Brocholelone and the road leading from Yerdeleye to Sutton'.
A messuage in the Strand was also a Bell on the Hoop in 1403.