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(nautical) an associate with whom you share meals in the same mess (as on a ship)

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Jeanes and Backhouse (2006: 48) noted that the species is Apparently restricted to a small area east of Warrnambool, where it grew in Messmate Stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua) lowland forest, on grey sandy loam.' The final Victorian record, of November 1992, by Gellibrand River Road, occurred in 'Heath.' There are no other details.
The wind then changed from northwesterly to west-northwesterly, pushing the fire through more continuous eucalypt woodland fuels (dominantly messmate stringbark) mixed with small (<10 ha) pine forest blocks and through to the 1433 AEDT perimeter (Fig.
Graduating from the US Naval Academy in 1904, Halsey was often the beneficiary of his father's legacy as senior officers took an interest in the son of a friend and messmate. He began his long association with fast, smaller ships during an early assignment to torpedo boat duty, and he formed his leadership style while working with these intimate crews on the leading edge of new technology, doctrine, and tactics.
The WO site (38[degrees]24'26.7"S, 144[degrees]11'26.5"E; +1.99 m AHD) was located approximately 250 m from the estuary channel and dominated by a range of Eucalyptus spp., including brown stringybark (Eucalyptus baxteri) and messmate stringybark (Eucalyptus obliqua).
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Milksop 9 Inlet 10 Ingle 11 Canteen 12 UFO 13 Measured 16 Seashell 17 Cue 19 In limbo 21 Verdi 22 Start 23 Resolve DOWN: 1 Omnibus 2 Flagpole 3 Isle 4 Biannual 5 Blue 6 Stone 8 Package tour 13 Messmate 14 Encircle 15 Recipes 18 First 20 Lean 21 Vase QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Reflections 8 Sad 9 Opt 11 Nightie 12 Altar 13 One 14 Emu 15 Singlet 17 Tab 19 Oath 21 Eyes 23 User 25 Twee 27 Era 29 Sober up 31 Act 34 Cos 36 Raise 37 On leave 38 Ale 39 Pet 40 Frankfurter DOWN: 1 Rain 2 Edge 3 Lattice 4 Clergy 5 Irate 6 Note 7 Spam 8 Snout 10 Truth 16 Toe 18 Bee 20 Are 22 Yes 24 Squalor 25 Tiara 26 Set off 28 Asset 30 Ocean 32 Calf 33 Tier 34 Cape 35 Over
Shaginov, "Microwave pretreatment of backsawn messmate boards to improve drying quality: part 1," Drying Technology, vol.
We also kept the kitchen cabinetry and replaced on the doors with recycled messmate, also used on the floor.
Three conventional kiln trials, including two for 38-mm-thick, 19-year-old plantation Gympie messmate (Eucalyptus cloeziana F.
In the spring of 1943, Miller found himself serving as a messmate aboard the brand-new aircraft carrier Liscome Bay.
We have a smashing reunion each year where you and your families will be made warmly welcome and have the opportunity to meet up once again with that long-lost messmate.
Nicaron's fifth dam, Sticky Case, was a Court Martial half-sister to Messmate and R unning Blue, whose products on transfer to the States included Lord Gayle (by Sir Gaylord) and dual English Group 3 winner Never Return (by Ribot).
For each pass, a skidder was loaded with the same log, a 13-m-long messmate (Eucalyptus obliqua), 0.57 m in diameter at the centre and weighing ~3.7 t.
Life of Admiral Sir Leopold McClintock, by an old messmate. London: John Murray.
Tasmanian oak, (messmate) and brush box, for example, are now used instead of Baltic pine for flooring, although brush box is becoming increasingly more difficult to source.